And it happened again :) DIY Holiday Headbands

Long Thanksgiving weekend, nothing much to do, so what do I do? Being in the most festive holiday mood that I could be, an idea popped up in my head to make headgear for holidays. So I got into my red beetle wearing my green sweater and white sneakers (of course I was wearing pants ūüėÄ , they were blue) and drove to Dollar store.. Before I go further with my DIY saga, here’s the link to my DIY : Holiday Headbands video –

Hope you guys enjoy it..

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So I entered the store, stocked up my basket with everything holidayieesh I could find, billed them and vroom I came home. My head flooding with ideas and I started immediately. Kept my phone on record mode and made four holiday headbands back to back. You won’t believe by the end of the work, I had around an hour of content. This was my first time recording DIY work so I was like woow. All of them were pretty (at least I thought so ūüėČ ) and my model ‘Mr Fizzy Moon’ was delighted!

Now came the task to edit the video and I have never done this before. So I sat and started to uncover, discover, explore the depths of Windows Movie Maker and well, it is pretty easy and simple to use. Pain was to decide on what part to remove and what to keep. So as the amazing movie maker I am ( hear the sarcasm in the voice guys), it took me hours to edit the video, and this is just the video. I have not even started my blunder with recording the narration ha ha. Video was done and audio was the next in hand.

Clicked the record narration button and started blabbering the script I had prepared. I was so nervous as if I am giving some speech in front of thousands of people ūüėČ . After I am done, I clicked on play and I hear nothing. Absolutely nothing, pitch dark silence. Phew, here goes my first attempt in vain. Rebooted the system, tried record again but this time I was smart, I just recorded for 5 seconds to test. Experience! ha ha. Again, the same problem and now started my google work of checking if others have seen the problem. After researching for an hour and trying multiple things, I found the answer on Microsoft answers page – In movie maker, the drop down menu button in the top left ->¬†Options ->¬†Audio and Video -> Available Audio Devices: select your speaker device. And woo-la, my problem was fixed. Recorded the narration and I sounded okay but can’t help it, have to use it now. Then I added some background songs, played with¬†¬†fading in and fading out of the background sound and I was done. I mean I don’t know how does the video look and sound but I was done.

Clicked on save the movie. Opened YouTube and uploaded the video. Hope you guys enjoy it! I will try to venture on any new idea that pops up into my head and share with you guys..

Love you BlingTreeG Family!



I was just coloring and it happened

A link to something colorful…

After a two day fiesta of thanksgiving, I was sitting and relaxing on my couch watching holiday movies when my eyes stuck the magic ink book I had brought a while ago.. I picked it and started coloring and it felt soothing, fun and magical.. I know saying it magical might be a stretch but for me it was. While growing up we never had such things and now I can enjoy them.. There is no age for fun so hope you enjoy the link to the fun I tried capturing in this video..

Love to BlingtreeG family!

See you soon…

FORGOTTEN LOVE ¬†– Chapter 4 (The Last one! )

Here’s the last and the final chapter…

Love can be confusing. I wish it was that simple to know what one’s heart is really set at. Some believe in heart playing the role, Some believe that its just the trick of your mind. So is all this just an illusion? An illusion of being in love with someone when you are just looking for comfort, wanting your heart to be at peace. Wait.¬† That is what being in love feels like or I am just being illusive again. Confused? She was also confused.

It was dawn and she was sitting near the window looking at the sky trying to find the answers to her confusion. Her eyes were not at rest and so was her brain. Edward was the love of her life. She had always imagined what it would be like to know that he loves her too. She would dream of being in his arms and loving him and growing old with him. After all these years, she still thought if he came back to her, she would immediately throw herself in his arms and live the life she had dreams about. Then why was it taking her so long to make that decision that her heart always craved for?

In our imagination we can make our world a fairyland where everything is so easy, every decision is like a piece of cake, every life that touches us is magical but in reality when one has to conclude life’s most important questions it takes everything you have within. This is no more a story telling. This is about every person. This is about you and me. This is about all the people that encircle your life. Do you think after so much of life experiences it would be easy to decide whom you would want to spend your entire life with? No, its not easy. But sometimes or for some people, they just know. Yes, there are such people. They do exists, among us. Sarah also knew some of those people. She wondered how did they know, how it was so easy for them to decide, why it had to be so hard for her? She did not have those answers. People belonging to this side cannot understand this, they have to decide on their own. They have to dig deeper inside their heart to get those answers and she did the same.

“Soulmates?” she thought. “Are they for real? How could there be just one person to whom our soul would connect to? That just sounds impossible. We meet so many people in our lifetime, with some we connect, with some we don’t. We keep those people in the inner circle of our life. With some we are comfortable to share our everyday life’s experience, with some we share our office stories, with some our deep dive fears, with some we just like to spend time. There cannot be just one person with whom we can connect at all the levels in all the areas. Our lives have vast emotions, how can we expect one person to totally understand us in all those emotions? Edward was the one with whom I had that connect at that time. He was there, then but actually he wasn’t there, even at that time. He wasn’t there for me. I always felt this huge pull towards him. I thought it was love. I thought he is the one I wanted throughout my life. He was the one for me. But is that for real? Is he my Soulmate?”

“He could be my soulmate for that time of my life. My soulmate to keep me away from some thing more horrendous. To protect me from some other emotion that might have broken me for life. I felt like that for him at that time for some reason. May be, I was emotionally so weak to sustain this world on my own. So he was there,¬† not mine but there, to get me ready for the world. To be strong enough to withstand any kind of heart break. To move around independently without being dependent upon a certain life. May be my feelings for him were so strong and I was not ready to let go, so that I would not choose someone who was not for mine to be. To have this life’s journey to reach to my destination.”

“Life has guided me here to this one person who has been there for me from the time I met him.¬†He never thought of going away from me. He was with me in all that was good and bad in my life. And then life gave me a final blow on the face by throwing my past back at me. It seems to be cruel. Why did this have to happen? ” She just sat there thinking why would life take this turn and make it so hard for her.

“Yes” she almost shouted. “This had to happen. This was ought to happen. If this was not a part of life’s plan then I would never have known about my doubts about Edward. I never thought that I would have doubts about him. These questions are right. These questions are for real. My feelings for him were real but in my past and now they are not so much feelings than memories. Memories of being in love with someone. If it wasn’t true then it would not have been so difficult to imagine my life with him. It’s getting more and more difficult to think of my life with him.¬† I don’t think that he is my soulmate for the present. I don’t.”

Right then, she had her answer. She had been sitting here for hours going through her life and trying to get an answer for her questions. And she now knew she should be with someone who stood by her when her¬†past came rushing back leaving her in confusion, who was there at that time when she needed someone the most. She knew who was her soulmate and whom she should be with. Sarah smiled and picked up her phone to call the one for her…


This is life for you! Never be disheartened when it does not go the way you thought it would because there is a reason for it. A reason for you to learn something more important, to experience something more beautiful, to meet someone more worthy of you… Enjoy life because this is it!

Love you all..

Author : S

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True meaning of Friendship..

During one of these daily night readings of mine, I stumbled upon this really beautiful article about the true meaning of friendship and couldn’t stop myself from sharing it you all.¬†One of a very few write-ups that actually takes on to explaining the depth of this relationship. I totally hear it hence sharing it¬†with my blogger friends. Here’s the link to the piece –

It speaks of a Japanese word Kenzoku which literally means family but there is more to it so go ahead and find out if you one or few of those Kenzoku in your life. I think I have few! ūüôā

Love to the BlingTreeG family!

All I see is Magic!

Yes true that. All I see is magic around me.

Everything around is the wonder of the positive energy that blankets us in the warmth of love.

Don’t just see.. try to look, my friend.

Life has the magical power to sparkle the rock…

Just give that one last shot after your last shot to grasp the rainbow. You tried so hard, I know.. You gave your everything, I know. May be you thought that this is what you have but someone somewhere believes that you have more than this within you. You are my hero. You are the warrior.

Love will protect you. So love with all you have and cherish of what’s around.

Magic begins when you look beyond naked eye.

Have faith…


Love to the BlingTreeG family..



S says ūüėČ

Awesome are those who are gifted with¬†immense patience as the biggest wonders are experienced¬†by those who didn’t give up till the grand finale¬†after the¬†finale.

‘Those’ who can survive the turmoil of emotions, walk through the hardships of this plastic world, believe in the miracles at the end of all the darkness¬†are the real ‘dream catchers‘.


……and I was summoning my patience at Dallas airport where we (S+S) were stranded ūüėĬ†as the flights to San Francisco were getting cancelled due to bad weather ¬†… Spending a night at sleepy¬†San Diego airport…

…A story from our beginning…but before that, a glimpse of SFO..


…misty sea…


…while everyone was enjoying the beautiful golden gate bridge, I stole a glimpse to the little track leading to the blend of land and water…


..breathtaking architecture..


..loved the walks on these ups and downs..

During¬†our HM, we experienced¬†the never ending delays of our connecting flight to SFO in Dallas¬†which¬†was finally cancelled due to bad weather… What an unexpected start! The¬†“commencement of HM” saga started in the morning and the¬†episode of “us reaching SFO” ended next day in the afternoon. It took us one and half day to reach our destination from Houston ūüėÄ ..

So how did we end up spending a night in San Diego airport? That’s the mid story.. After the flights to San Francisco were¬†cancelled, we were given the option to fly to¬†Oakland¬†or San Diego. “I could see the dismay on faces of my fellow¬†passengers.¬†Everyone was¬†travelling home for holidays and airport was buzzing with¬†unsatisfied¬†customers of Southwest. I still remember the girl sitting opposite to me and tears in her eyes when they announced all the flights to SFO were cancelled. Thankfully I think she got a seat in the flight to Oakland.”¬†After getting assurance from ground staff that there are flights flying to SFO or San Jose from there, we got on to a flight to San Diego. But did it change the pace of our travel? .. we only wished… We landed at San Diego airport and got another surprise – all the flights were cancelled and airport closed at 11 pm ūüėÄ We were asked to leave the southwest waiting areas & hence the night at San Diego airport instead of our warm snugly bed in SFO ūüėČ

Next day in the morning, we were the first one to reach the Southwest counter and got the tickets to San Jose. Yup, still no flights to SFO.¬†One more interesting detail,¬†our checked in luggage somehow¬†ended up reaching Oakland (I am reminiscing all the memories and actually ROFL) ūüėÄ .. They arranged it to reach our hotel in SFO. You won’t believe it but we reached the hotel before our luggage arrived ūüėČ

Both of us are a strong believers in all the positives and hence in between all this mayhem we were able to find positive in the way things were working out for us. We also totally believe in –if you truly and I must insist TRULY want something, entire universe get into play to make sure you get it– so during the early stages of HM planning, we really wanted to include two items¬†– San Jose & a train travel but couldn’t, due to some constraints. Universe¬†had different plans for us ūüėÄ We¬†ended up flying to San Jose and then used Caltrain to reach SFO.¬† Yayiee… Train travel was so amazing, route was very beautiful.. Loved it. Also we got Southwest coupon of 200$ on each ticket for all the inconvenience. Everything worked out awesome¬†for us and we ended up with¬†an amazing story to share from our honeymoon… ūüėČ

Writings from¬†SFO – Weather was really bad for flight landings but was truly¬†beautiful for honeymooners ūüėÄ .. I always tell S that we saw SFO at its most beautiful (that’s what I believe in he he) and still have it buried in my heart and soul…

And for now I am keeping my patience with a smile on my lips, ¬†in the lap of flowing time, keeping my brains accustomed to never-ending journey of this-n-that I try everyday, in the beautiful music and above all, hope & faith I have in my heart for all the positives in the beautiful world…:)

Hope you enjoy the post..




Helloooo Beautiful people out there!!! ¬†I hope all is well with everyone¬†in the drawers and the wardrobes¬†and the soul within… I am back again with another ‘I Express’ post on the BirchBox beauty boxes. I know I am few¬†months late on expressing my feelings, but let’s face it ‘I get distracted very easily with the shine and glitter and the sitcoms..’ ūüėČ So without any further ado, here we go ….



May and June month beauty boxes came with the products in a huge range.. It had products for skincare, hair care and makeup covering almost all areas of my beauty regime. Let me start with hair care products..


LOVE Smoothing Shampoo : ¬†First of all, loved the name.. ūüôā Now moving on, after my first wash I was happy about it but with regular usage I felt more hair fall during the wash. Once the hair dries it leaves¬†a smooth texture and does not frizz. I do not like the wet hair texture immediately after the wash, its kind of clammy. It does not have any prominent¬†fragrance so that’s a bummer for me. So for me this shampoo is a Nah:( ¬†It’s 2/5.

LOVE Smoothing Conditioner : I am not a hair conditioner person. I usually just shampoo my hair and am good to go. But to get rid of that clammy after effect of the Love Shampoo, I had to use this conditioner and it was not bad. My hair felt creamy and frizz proof. ¬†The shine on the hair was noticeable. There is no amazing frangrancooooo…¬†It’s 3/5 for me.

A suggestion for my fellow bloggers, if you plan to give this shampoo a try, please make sure to get this¬†conditioner as well. Together they form a great team and I would give them 4/5 as a team…

Links to buy these products from Birchbox are here : Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner | Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo


Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer : A very very very hyped product and I had been wanting to try this for a very long time now. I must say I am NOT that impressed. I was expecting a lot out of this one. Let me start with some Pros – Texture is super pigmented, creamy and very easy to apply. It a beautiful matte. Sample product came with a good amount of it. Personally, I love this color. Cons – I do love the color but it is not that notable. When I swatch it, I can see a beautiful shade but when I start applying it, I don’t see much until I get on to it ūüėČ .. So for me it’s 3/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :  Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer


ModelCo Lip Lacquer – Creme Brulee¬†: Here comes my¬†internet knowledge base ūüėČ and it states that a lip lacquer does not contain wax like a lipstick and is not that long-lasting. This ModelCo lip lacquer claims to be long-lasting¬†but aaaaa it does not stay for that long ūüėÄ It is definitely very creamy which made the process of application a little difficult. The color was a little too much for me and hence I couldn’t dare to wear it alone. I combined it with lip stain from Stainiac and it worked amazing. Color toned down a lot and gave a very beautiful peachy pink color. Since I can combine this Lacquer with other lip products to come up with beautiful colors, I would give it a 3/5.

Please refer to my first ‘I Express’ post –¬†BEAUTY BOX ONE ‚Äď ‚ÄėI EXPRESS‚Äô (A REVIEW)¬† to know about my experience with this¬†Lip stain from Stainiac.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :  ModelCo Lip Lacquer Trio


COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray : This is a very good setting spray. Its matte-finish and weightless as it claims. Sets the makeup effectively for an entire day at work. The formula has Green Tea & Aloe which keeps the skin hydrated. Also, it provides organic sun care with broad spectrum SPF30. It’s a 4/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here : ¬†¬†COOLA¬ģ SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray


CLEAN Blossom Eau de Parfum :¬†This is the last and my favorite product of May box ūüôā Seriously guys this is one ¬†of the most beautiful fragrance that I have come across. It is so fresh and beautiful like soul of Spring. ¬†Loved it and definitely going to buy a full size. It’s a 5/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   CLEAN Blossom Eau de Parfum



Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel -5 Deep : Wow. This product is just so awesome. Let’s start with the applicator which has a precision tip for shaping and makes applying this product very easy. The formula is very natural and does not give a very dramatic look like pencils. I love the way it makes the brows look fuller and natural at the same time. It is water-resistant so a big Yay! It stays on you until you wipe it off. For me, it’s a 5/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel


Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow : Okay so I am a big fan of BB creams & I was super excited to try this one and trust me, this is amazing. Gives¬†that beautiful golden glow without looking over the top. It sets very smoothly and stays for long. Matte look. It claims to mask imperfection which it true as it gives a smooth finish but like any other BB cream it only provides a mild to medium coverage. So far, I am loving it. It’s a 5/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

fontcandy (1)

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum : Well this skin serum sure do smell soothing. It has a sweet smell which somehow reminds me of Cinnamon ūüėČ It is a good formula and treats skin really well. With constant use, you would see some improvement in the skin like reduced spots & blocked pores but I doubt its an instant resolution to blemishes as it claims. ¬†For me, it’s 2/5 for now.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Balance Me Congested Skin Serum


Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Sport Luxe Face & Body Cream SPF 30 : This one has a mildly thick formula and works really well. It does not wear off with sweat and is water resistant (40 minutes). It is a double shield which works against sun and also helps to cool off the irritated skin. Works well for me. It’s a 3/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here : Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Sport Luxe


Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator – Gilded Honey : Now this is a cult favorite. When you look at it first, it looks a soft creamy product but when you glide your finger on it, it is actually like powder which is hardened in swirls. When you pick the product on your brush or finger, it is very creamy and pigmented. One thing I learnt very quick about this illuminator is that ‘little goes a long way’. It gives a beautiful golden honey highlight but be very careful while using it as it is really very lit. For me, it’s a 4/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :    Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

That‚Äôs my ‚ÄėI express‚Äô for today!! I hope you will get some ideas with my experience of the above products. If you have any further queries, please feel free to leave a question below.

Thank You all for stopping by.. Have an amazing weekend ahead.




Hello there.. This is the third chapter in the series “Forgotten Love”. I have been working on this¬†love series for a very long time now.. To know what happened earlier here, please click these links Chapter-1¬†and¬†¬†Chapter-2¬†. Hope you enjoy the ifs and buts of Sarah and Edward.

Some people love to Live, but some live to Love… Are you one of those?

Noises coming from the lobby broke her concentration. She was indulged in the old yellow pages of her all time favorite Gone with the wind when she heard the paramedics. It took her only a second to get up from the chair and briskly walk outside. Sarah was standing in between the stretchers being dragged around the hallway, shrieking cries of people, families and friends nervous and asking questions in anxious voices. She stood there still, holding her book tightly towards her chest. It is not the first time when there had been a situation like this here but today was different for Sarah. Her life was taking bit of a serious turn today. Philip had asked her out and her mind was too busy since last night thinking about all the ifs and buts about him, if it is a good idea, is he the right guy for her. Tide of related and unrelated questions had swamped her world today. He is taking her¬†out tonight on their first official date. They have now known each other for five years now and technically they were together but nothing was ever made official from either ends. After a lot of thought, she had finally decided to move on from her past and go on with her life. But she was restless¬†and had been feeling jittery since morning and she knew it isn’t about Philip.

She kept her calm as she always do and checked about the situation. There had been a car collision that involved a women in her late 30’s and a family of four, a mother, a father and two boys. Nobody in the family¬†were seriously injured, but the women was hurt severely and was in a critical condition. They were taking her to the emergency room for further treatment.

After checking again if she is required there,¬†Sarah walked towards the changing room. She was off duty now and was about to leave but something inside her told that she is needed here. She started feeling uncomfortable and somehow her steps started moving towards the direction of operation theater where the women from the car clash was being operated. She stood near the big glass window and wondered if her family was informed, if she would be fine. Lost¬†in her own thoughts, she was looking at the surgeons and¬†her¬†phone rang. It was Philip’s call. She answered. He was waiting outside for her. Keeping the phone back into her pocket, she took one last look at that patient and walked away.


They were sitting in¬†the Patio facing the sea and breeze was playing with Sarah’s hair throwing them all over her face. She was trying to¬†tuck them behind her ears. Philip took her hand in his and started speaking. “I love you Sarah. I have liked you since¬†the day I drove you into this city. The life in your eyes brightens my day and I would want to wake up everyday looking into these eyes.” he¬†poured his heart out. Sarah didn’t react, she was frozen with the explosion of emotions and surprise.¬†She just smiled at him, looked deeply into his eyes. Her eyes started flooding with tears, she looked away at the vast horizon.


Her shift starts at seven in the morning, but she reached around half an hour early. She couldn’t sleep properly last night due to the unfolding of Philip’s emotions. She entered¬†the hospital but her footsteps slowed down after seeing a familiar face in the lobby. Her feet kept on dragging. Edward was right in front of her, blocking her away. He looked very tired and a little smile flashed in his lips seeing her. “Hi Sarah, How are you?” he asked in a very tired voice. An entire night of turmoil was echoing in his voice. “I am good. You look so worn out. What happened? Is everything alright?” And then Edward told him about the accident. His wife was driving to San Francisco to meet her cousin and she lost control of her car which collided with another vehicle coming from the other¬†direction. She was bought here last night and has undergone a surgery. She is under observation now. As he was explaining Sarah about the accident, she felt a knot in her stomach. “So it was Jane. That was her, the last night patient. Oh my God.”, she thought. Suzie, Edward’s daughter was sitting in the corner with her Grandma. She was tightly holding her Grandma who was assuring her that Mom will be alright. Sarah went through so many emotions in less than ten minutes, from being in confusion with Philips’ proposal, to getting shocked to see Edward there and feeling so heart broken¬†for him and Suzie. It took her a while to take in¬†all this information. She pulled herself together knowing that her friend needs her the most right now. They had not spoken to each other for past five¬†years but they were no strangers to each other. They were childhood friends. She bought him some coffee and then went on to check about Jane’s condition.

After all the treatment and constant care from her family, Jane still didn’t show any sign of improvement and her health degraded. Sarah took care of Jane like her own. She was there by her bed all the time. She took care of Suzie and Edward. But after a¬†week of struggle and pain, Jane succumbed to her injuries leaving everyone devastated.


Suzie became very close to Sarah. She was with her most of the time. Having a friend near him at this time helped Edward to cope up with his situation. They started spending a lot of time together. Days went by and it was soon time for them to go back. Sarah was trembling from within. She didn’t wanted this phase to end. She felt bad for thinking this way. It was the time of grief for her friend and she should be there just for supporting him without any of her past feelings crawling in.

They were all in her living room for the final goodbyes. Suzie was sitting close to Sarah holding her tightly, not ready to let go. Edward was talking to her mother outside in the Patio and he looked very serious as if he is trying to convince her for something. Philip was making coffee for everyone and he could hear Sarah trying to talk to Suzie that she will come and visit her all the time. In the meantime, there seem to be an argument raging outside and Edward stormed inside the living room leaving his mother behind. He came and sat opposite to Sarah and looked¬†deep into her eyes. She felt uncomfortable. Edward started speaking, unaware or either¬†forgetting about¬†Philip’s presence in the next room. He started, “Sarah Dear, ¬†I know what I am about to ask might seem very unreasonable, but I want you to hear me out completely, think about it and take you time. I don’t know if it is the right time because I think there had never been a right time. I will just go ahead and tell you what’s there in my heart. Dear, would you please come with us to LA and be with us?” Suzie’s eyes twinkled, unaware of the fact what’s coming next. Her Grandma walked in, took¬†her hand and walked her to the next room. Edward continued, “Please don’t think wrong of me. This is not an outrageous thought just came into my head. I had always liked you, from the time I cannot even remember.” Sarah froze and kept staring at him. “It is all my fault. I could never tell you about my feelings thinking that you would just reject me. And then that one night with Jane, everything changed. She got pregnant and I could not leave her. I could not leave my baby alone. I had to be with her for Suzie. When I met you in Lake Tahoe years ago, those feelings came rushing by. I just wanted to spend time with you and never leave you there. I also tried to reach you but couldn’t. I had left you a voice mail thinking you would contact me, but you never did.” His eyes were watery and his throat choked. He went down on his knees in front of her, holding her hands in his, he rested his head on her lap and let go off the dwelling tears, “Please forgive me Sarah. Please.”


It was getting dark. They left in a hurry. Goodbye hugs and kisses were quick and Sarah came back upstairs where Philip was waiting for her. She came in and went running into his arms. She was holding him tight and uncontrollable stream of tears were rolling onto her cheeks. She was grateful to him for being so understanding, as right now she just wanted to keep her mind away from all that happened in her life in past few weeks. She closed her eyes, pushed herself on the couch, still holding him, she dozed off like a baby. She will worry about everything tomorrow, not today.


Who will be Sarah’s choice? Philip or Edward? To find out don’t forget to read the next and the final chapter…

Coming soon (hopefully ūüėÄ ) in the blog you have subscribed to ūüėČ he he

Author : S


S says¬†ūüėČ

Life is simple.. If you don’t believe me then just look at the mirror and Smile.. You will be amused to know that it’s actually easy to find a moment of happiness. Only you are responsible for your own bliss.. ūüôā


….. and I was finding my joy in the state of Nevada which is considered to be largely a desert and we (S + S) were amused to see the snow covered Grand Canyon. In the chilling winter honeymoon…


Do you see those flying bunnies??


Through the window of The tour bus… ūüôā December 2015..


Snow covered wonder… I am reminiscing¬†how I felt when the chilly winter air passed through my coat and I was holding his hand trying not to slip on the hardened snow, but jump off a pile of fresh snow. I could still remember the smell of snow every time I open the door of my freezer. It brings the shiver back. It makes me miss him more. I close the door and the video and the pictures and bring back myself to today. Today where I am here..smiling at the mirror to bring the bliss in our lives.. He will be with me soon..


and then our stay at the Fremont street.. Covering three different hotels in around 6 days of stay – at the strip, at the Fremont street, ¬†near the boulder city highway and seriously nothing is bad here at Vegas. Or may be it was the high in the air.. You don’t sleep here and eating is one thing that keeps us awake ūüėÄ Being a kind of veggie loving person, S loves to try new vegan or vegetarian places. This place is awesome. I don’t think there are any branches for the restaurant, so if you plan to visit Vegas, I definitely recommend you to try this one.¬†VegeNation¬†. Its a Vegan place and they also have an Entree named Ellen DeGeneres ūüôā .. Love her. ¬†This temple of food took care of our hunger for almost two days and then we decided to try other places as well ūüėČ Not fair for other eateries. Vegenation burger and Jamaican Hibiscus Punch – Yum…

My today’s bliss is in chill of the snow and smell of the food.. ūüôā

Hope you enjoy the post..