My first ever post… & Style ‘Play with a little bling!’

Well.. I came back to this post after four months of starting this blog.. 23rd April 2016 is the date today. Mentioning the date so I remember it.. I just wanted to stop by here and write a little something for ‘Future Me’. I am so excited about this blog journey. Initially I started this blog coz I wanted to have a journal to record all my wedding experiences in there…My journey through the D-day.. Then I also thought that I will record my learning on the Fashion world as I get to grab the essentials of it. Then I thought I will jot down the things I ponder about in my day dreaming world and on and on..I thought.. Finally I decided that I will just splash whatever fascinates me, whatever I feel is interesting, exciting, striking to my mind, heart, eyes, tongue… I will blurt out my thoughts, my stories, my starting, my endings, my love, my concerns, my passion, my lost mind and hopefully some day I will be on the exact path I should be on… So let’s hop on this blogosphere and hang in there for an amazing ride…. See you around ‘S and All my lovely blogger friends’…..

Enjoy the first set I created on Polyvore  and that’s where and how I started…:)

Play with a little bling!



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