#1 – I found something awesome!

One night I was surfing the internet trying to find some new shopping websites, when I found myself on this amazing website full of beautiful collection of everything a girl dreams of in her wardrobe.  Yup, Polyvore it is!! I was stunned by the way this website was designed. Latest trending, outfits, clothing..on and on.. AND then I came open the different set of outfits created by the members of the website  and those were a collection of trendy, elegant, classy, jazzy..all sort of ’em! I immediately created an account and started exploring various options.

The way this works is awesome.. When you create your first two sets, you become a Style spotter which itself sounds so motivating. Twenty five sets creation will entitle you to Style setter title and reaching 125+ sets will make you a Style icon. Isn’t it cool? 😀 But it does require for you to achieve the required number of outfits in a certain amount of time. More information can be found at StyleinsiderPolyvore .

You can follow Polyvore members to check out different outfits created by them. This definitely helps in starting with one’s own creation. You can join and create groups to get associated with style enthusiasts with same taste in style as yours. There are various contests scheduled by Polyvore in which you can participate & get noticed. A little suggestion – Participate in these contests as this increases the chance of views on your profile 😀 Personal experience. And most important of all YOU CAN GET HOLD OF THE MOST AMAZING STYLES AND LATEST TRENDS FROM ALL (most of) OVER THE WEB!! for styling yourself and your home as well. There is a HOME section wherein you can checkout lot of cool items to decorate your house. So the sets you create can as well be for an interior styling set of a home, office, store, in short ANYPLACE. 😉

Link your Polyvore activities to other social networks. Everything you created can easily be shared to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Blog sites, etc. So YAYieee!! Your friends can see what you are all about – ‘Madame/Sir StyleGuru’..

It’s been only 5 days since I found this magic world  😀 I am still learning the tips & tricks and will share more info as and when I stumble upon one. Till then you can check out sets created by me at BlingTreeGPolyvore and let me know what can I improve or what did you like. These are also available at Style tab of my website. Enjoy!


Till next time Ta-Da… & Take care fellas..



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