Story of the Bride – My Prewedding Photoshoot


With my NRI Bridesmaids!

Pre-wedding shoot is a beautiful way to capture feelings/emotions/love-stories/friendship that sometimes (by mistake) gets overlooked during the big day. I personally loved it..

Sneak Peak of my Pre-wedding Photoshoot




Took a big leap in my personal life last year – Got married 😀 All the events were back home in India. Currently, my den is in Texas. None of my friends from here could make it to the wedding. (19+ hour flight is not fun 😉 ). Hence the obvious – Idea was to arrange something fun & weddingiee for my girlfriends so that they get to be the part of an event this big in my life. Parties, always in.. Trip to Vegas, wink wink.. Ehh. I wanted it to be more personal, so I thought of asking ’em to get few pictures with me that would go into my wedding album. Response was adorably positive, hence clicked the idea of Pre-wedding shoot..

Preps for the shoot – Well first thing first, searching the dress. Indian ethnic wear – Big NO. Reason – that’s my wedding dress, love. Next available option -Gown.. Twinkle. Color – classic Red. Most imp of all, low budget. So I decided to stick to Amazon (huge range, variety & easy). The decision proved to be Correct. Found so many elegant options well within my budget. Search was so simple for me ‘red gowns in Women’s clothing’. I found THE GOWN on 3rd or 4th page itself. It was so beautiful. Absolutely in love with it. Check out for yourself Joanna Women’s Mermaid Satin Long Evening Dress .  Also picked a pair of beautiful gold heels from G by Guess that too from Amazon. Bride-to-be, all set!

Next step – to decide dresses for the girls. Big task. Everyone has different taste, different style and also body types. Well, we started our search. Shortlisted few ideas from internet. Everyone loved the idea of Pastel color dresses. It would blend well with my red outfit. Spring colors, Fab. Shopping was another step, had awesome fun, but bought nothing ha ha. Next everyone opened the doors of their closets. O boy, you should have seen my apartment that day. Farmer’s market, but for dresses. Lot of ifs/buts/whatnot’s brought us to Peach colored dresses & bright colored dressed in different shades. Mission accomplished.

Step 3, hunt for photographers. Breath-taking results, that’s our target! Mmmm. Strike of thought – two colleagues of mine, who are super amazing photographers. Discussed my idea with em’ and immediately received a ‘count us in!’. They were a big help in finding locations, finalizing schedules..also did an awesome awesome job. Final results – Awestruck.

In the middle of all this mayhem not to forget , one very important part – gifts for the girls. For sure they deserved some token of love. Collected beautiful flower hair accessories, little jewelry packs and took them out for a little dinner treat later.

Final countdown. The day of the shoot! I couldn’t sleep properly due to all the excitement. Took a warm relaxing shower & plunged into my ‘Get ready’ routine. Hair took more than usual time. I was done with half of my makeup when everybody started showing up. I was helped to get into my dress 😀 Had a little something to eat. Packed some snacks and water, left for the first location i.e. Waterwall! Amazing weather, beautiful location and awesome company. Walking towards Japanese Garden  in Herman Park my feet started hurting and that’s when I realized – Ooooo, I forgot to pack flat sandals!! Last location of the shoot was Sabine Bridge at eleanor tinsley park to capture Houston downtown city lights & evening showdown. It was spectacular!

That’s the snippet of little something I tried.


All love!


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