Burning Fire.

Aaaaaaaa to start with, this is not a story but rather an experience..

It’s been a cold day. Well, not as cold as mid-Jan freeze feeling but yup cold enough to keep my heater on and put on my cozy lil’ sock. I dragged myself out of bed in the middle of night to get some water. Poured a glass, kept it in microwave to warm a little (don’t wanna get an itchy throat) and wandered around in the living room till the beep goes on.

Passing my time, I looked through the glass door of the patio and across the trees I could see the dark parking lot, church building, playground. Nothing unusual.. All so peaceful, serene. I was enjoying the quiet when the beep of microwave went on. And that very moment my eyes caught the attention of the fire. It was behind all the buildings. I panicked. I went outside on the patio and was stuck by this sudden cold breeze. I froze. Didn’t know what to do. You know those instances when you are just blank. This was one of that time for me.

I was looking at this one n half meter long stretch of fire, wondering what’s happening when I realized this is impossible. There is a lake just behind all the buildings. How is this even possible. Technically, nope. Or is it one of those pollution disaster. Nooooo.., not a chance…  It must be something else.

AND then I saw it. I saw that monster. The monster that did it all. A tall street light. Yes, that’s the thing that was making the illusion of burning fire on the water. Trust me, it looked exactly like yellow fire on the surface. Water was not stagnant due to the wind and due to street light, yellow colored radiance was reflecting from the surface of water which gave the impression of the blaze. Have you heard about those mirages in the desert, when light rays from sun produces an appearance of image that looks like water on the sand from a distance. Like that.

Believe me guys, my head processed all this within seconds of seeing the fire illusion. That’s how our brain works. Analyzing. Reasoning. Wonderful gift of god. But yeah, today I was fooled by the street light and that’s my experience for the day. Take away – I love that little thing inside my head “Brain”. Still nature tricks us! So keep an open mind and enjoy it to the fullest. The calmness and the harshness, both comes hand in hand.

Until next time..! Ta Da.

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