Handy Dandy tips!! Pre-wedding shoot

Marriage is beautiful. A bond of a lifetime. Wedding is a celebration of this relation and planning a wedding is a lot of work, I totally get that. So, a little help from a friend might sound good right?

Planning for pre-wedding photo shoot? Here are some take away seized from experienced brides –

  • Always finalize your outfits atleast a month before the shoot so that you have enough time to focus on other stuff.
  • Ms. Bride-to-be, remember that the dress for your shoot should not be too grand that it outshines your wedding dress and should not be too mellowed down that you do not look distinct in the gang of all beautiful girls. So decide wisely. Take your time. Its your day!
  • Where to get the outfits from? These days internet is flooded with online shopping websites with huge collection of dresses for bride-to-be that would go well for a shoot & also bridesmaids. Few examples to tag here would be sites like lulusfashionmiasammydressamazonasosYou can also rent some designer quality outfits from sites like weddingtonwayvowtobechic. But always check the reviews before ordering anything online. Always hit the nearby stores during sale season, you might end up getting some amazing deals, my friend. 
  • It is suggested to keep 3 to 4 outfits for change in the entire shoot else it looks too monotonous. If you are going out of budget, you can always dive in to your closet and trust me you will find something awesome. Decide what to wear when, well in advance. This helps a great deal as you will be prepared for a change of dress.
  • Another thing to carry will be a portable dress changer. If you don’t have places to change in the locations selected by you, this proves to be a life saver. Mostly professional photographers or photo savvy folks own this.
  • Find some amazing photographers coz this is what it is all about. Right? If you are ready to spend some money, you can hire professional photographers. But if you are going for budget shoot, you can check among your friends/colleagues. You never know you might find a gem of a photographer in your own friend circle.
  • If you are not too specific, carry unreal flower bouquet as fake flowers remain as is till the end of the shoot, whereas real flowers lose it…
  • Not to forget – Carry your makeup.
  • Carry extra pair of flat sandals if you are not used to wearing high heels throughout the day. There might be walking involved if its outdoor shoot.
  • Always take ideas. Listen to what your friends/relatives have to say. Some of them might be great and worth giving a shot.
  • Select some good spots in your city for the shoot and make a strict schedule where to spend how much time. Plan your time and stick to it!
  • Always carry some snacks & water to keep your energy on track.
  • Take a good sleep. Beauty sleep is as important as anything else in the shoot. Trust me.
  • Don’t miss that breakfast, Girls. You will need a lot of energy throughout the day.
  • Carry umbrellas if it’s a hot/warm day. You can use ’em as your props too.
  • Talking of props. You can include props like shades, bicycles, umbrellas, beer mugs, may be to lighten up little more – pom pom, what say… Cheer-leading days.. he he
  • Most important of all “always SMILE” and you will be beautiful!

Enjoy the day with your friends.. You will be awesome, Bride-to-be!

All Love!



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