The Perfect…

The Perfect One

What’s perfect Love? Who’s the perfect one? There is no one perfect explanation to it. All I know is – Love is unconditional. It’s a feeling that cannot be explained. It’s a pure emotion that bind two people for life. It’s such a vast ocean that more you swim in, the more you will find.

The One could be anyone. He/She could be Someone who might not like everything about you, but still loves you. Someone who might not understand everything you are going through, but is there for you, with you. Someone who might not agree with all your decisions, but still is ready to support you in exploring your ways, your life. Someone who does not want to change anything in you, but you do wanna change yourself for him/her. He/She might not be perfect, but still is perfect for you.

The Perfect Date

What’s a perfect date? My idea is to be able to just being with the one you want to be with is perfect. It can be anywhere, anyhow, anytime..

My Perfect One, My Perfect Date

My perfect Love is my Best Friend – one with whom life is an adventure. He is a romantic.. I am..aaaa.. I would say “in Love’.. Not the best person in displaying emotions but for whom love is very important. So I try my best to show my husband that how much I care about him, how much I love him coz knowing that I am bad at it makes it more important that he knows how much he actually means to me. So when he came down here to be with me to spend some quality time, I did this one small thing. Before leaving for the wedding, I made a poster with a message telling him how much he means to me and how he has changed my world. How he brings smile to my face every single time he looks at me. How life looks so easy and simple with him, even though things might not be going exactly our way. That He is my world. He is the ONE for me. It was just this one little thing I did and trust me, I cannot write down his reaction when he read it here in words. So yeah these simple things in life matters and every once a while, it is important to show your love how much he/she means to you.

Our perfect date… Our first valentine day date after marriage was a long distance Skype date. But it was beautiful. Yes, it indeed was. Being away from each other didn’t change our idea of spending this day of love with each other.And yup we did it. He was up late and I got up a little early than usual weekends. Started the Skype session. He poured himself a glass of wine, I prepared some tea for myself. Sipped our drinks, chatted about our lives, our past – how awesome it was and promised each other how awesome life would be with each other. Selected a beautiful movie. Watched it together. Spoke about it and discussed as we always do… It was beautiful and this is life. You have to make things happen. If you have the will, nothing can stop you from doing what you really want. If things aren’t the way you want them to be, just push it a little, give it a try and trust me friend – wonders will happen.

As quoted by him (my love 🙂 ) – And that’s how Love is…Staying Up for each other, Being there Side by Side..Curled up in the Bed, watching a Late Night/Afternoon Movie..Its Still HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY , where MY LOVE IS!!




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