Recently I became a subscriber of Birchbox monthly beauty box and I must say I am in love with the entire concept. I have recently become a fan of makeup, yeah’better late than never” 😉 . Since my love began to flourish, I subscribed to Ingrid Nilsen, a You Tuber whom I admire and love her work that revolves around taking care of skin, makeup videos, self grooming and a lot of other areas. I have been constantly following her on YouTube and was going through some of her old vlogs where in I found a reference to Birchbox. Immediate reaction, I opened another tab on my Chrome and searched Birchbox.

Birchbox has been there for quite a long time now but I didn’t know about it, maybe, coz of my ignorance or it not being available in India 😀 So my search began and Yip, I was quite impressed by the idea of monthly beauty product subscription. But there is more to it. It’s not just some website sending out beauty boxes but they also do take care of their customers in many ways. Its a wide audience out there and they are doing an amazing job. Kudos!

On subscribing, I was asked certain questions which circled not only around what my skin/hair types are, but also what I am looking for or what I am comfortable with. Like what my personal style is, level of beauty knowledge, if my beauty style is adventurous or low-maintenance who keeps things pretty natural, to pick my favorite product types… All that makes sense to me. It not only covers the female shoppers but also male shoppers. They have wide range of products for all. You will also find reviews from different customers that would help you in picking products. Also videos with ideas of makeup, hairstyles, products are shared across which definitely helps and also gives a sense that there is help for you right there when you are stuck somewhere.

Another Yay as you can collect Points by different ways that can be used for further shopping. This can be done by buying product – every dollar spent gets you a point, by writing reviews about the products you purchase and that’s 10 points on each review, or by inviting friends that gets you 50 points on each friend who joins. Don’t you think this is amazing.. Add on to this is if you earn 500 points in a calendar year, you get to be a part of Birchbox Aces, their VIP Program. I am no where near this yet but looking forward to it. One more factor that I felt is cool is that you can customize your beauty box for next month. Once you are familiar with what area you want to explore more, you can customize the beauty box according to your wish.

Since I am new to this beauty world, I had difficulty in deciding what to buy and what not to buy/try. Birchbox helped me by being able to reach to different range of products and trying them. Good thing is that they are sample sizes. It is quite affordable and I am ready to dive in. Oh I forgot to mention, you can also choose to get a single-foil packet as a free bonus sample and also a bonus non-beauty item. It’s a win-win for me. I ended up selecting many items for my bonus non-beauty item – beauty related tools, organic & natural product, small accessories, savory snack (bug foodie me), wellness-related item and products for home. You can always customize your profile any time….

My first Birchbox has been shipped and I got an email for a sneak peek. I could not control myself and peeked in a little. Already in love with the items that are shipped. Will share my experience soon about them. Eagerly waiting for my beauty box now.. Tick Tick Tick…

Hope you all will like the little review of Birchbox website and will click on the link 😉

Till next time Ta-Da… & Take care fellas..


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