First day of Spring!

Welcome Home Spring!! Yay!

I love Spring as I can hear the trees waving, all green, synchronized, so happy, so full of life… as they talk and I love the talking tree..




I love the cold crisp breeze in the morning…                                                                            Chirping of birds keeps me alive…                                                                                                   Colors on the trees makes me smile…

Happy Spring to all!!

PS : All the pictures above are courtesy pixabay .

6 thoughts on “First day of Spring!

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh boy. The first day of Spring, here in the Philadelphia area, has us waiting for snow and rain. It’s cold and damp. Looking at your post’s photos is making me incredibly happy. The photos are colorful and delightful and definitely putting a smile on my face! Thank you! Happy Spring!

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    • BlingTreeG says:

      I am glad 🙂 Happy spring to you too.. Dancing trees outside my balcony was the inspiration, and also the cute google doodle for today.. Hope you get sunshine soon in Philadelphia.. 🙂


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