Story behind my first Birchbox – March 2016

YAY! I received my first Birchbox…

Yes, as with everything else, there is a story here as well.. 😉  Going through my inbox I read an email with the subject line ‘Your March Box Has shipped’. This was March 5th 2016 and these words made me so happy. I was eagerly waiting for my first beauty box and it was finally shipped via Newgistics. Wohooo.. So email said that the shipping information will be updated within 48 hours of shipment. After waiting for two days, I clicked on the tab which had the golden words inscribed ‘TRACK YOUR BOX’. It took me to another page and showed me a page with no tracking details 😦


I was not so happy to see this. But then I thought let’s wait for couple more days. I kept on checking the tab and it just redirected me to this page. Since this tab was not helping me anywhere, I sent an email  to Birchbox zendesk stating that I am unable to track my beauty box 😦 . I got an instant reply stating that my request has been received and someone will contact me shortly.

After sometime, I got a reply from Joe, Birchbox Discovery specialist apologizing for the non-traceable box and provided me a tracking information link which took me to USPS website which showed that box has been delivered. In the end, he wrote ‘But don’t worry! I’ve requested for a new box to be shipped.’. With all the confusion of shipping and delivery I was little weared out, but these words did cheer me up 🙂

After couple of days, I got another email with the subject line ‘Your Replacement Has Shipped!’ along with the tracking number. This time I knew where to track this tracking number. I opened the USPS tracking link and checked the shipment status there. And finally I received my First BirchBox Beauty box on March 21st 2016. So this is the story of How I got my First Beauty Box 😀


Delivery system Pros : Quick answer to the queries. Replacement shipment is fast.

Delivery system Cons : Link provided for tracking leads to a page which never updates the tracking information. It is better to let the customer know to search for shipment information in USPS tracking link with the provided tracking number or provide working link.

I hope this information will be useful for the Birchbox newbies like me..

Until next time..



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