That’s all the nail coloring I own :)


Hello Lovelies.. Welcome to the post of hacks and being a Scrooge. I believe in purchasing when I am out of the item.. I do not believe in over stuffing my cabinets 🙂 Well, few of the reasons are I have less space to store, I don’t like clutter, I don’t like stuff lying around unused, and I try to save the haaaaard earned cash 😀 So this is all the nail colors I have and more than half of them are gifted 😉

You see the Maybelline Color Show Nail paints above. My then-Fiance and now-Husband had packed those along with my other gifts on my birthday in year 2014 and I still have these 😉 They were so beautiful. So of course after so many years of using them they were almost done.. Hack #1 I love the colors so much that I used to add nail paint remover, shake them well and use them again. I actually survived on them with this hack for a long extended period of time 😉 But after so many years of ceaseless exploitation of these, they were ought to get ever with evidences of some remains lying in the bottom of the bottle. I had made up my heart and mind to get rid of them this time. Yup. All set.


And then I bought L’Oreal nail color in Peaceful Pink. I loved the beautiful pink from outside but it didn’t go well with my skin color. It was overwhelming. Also, I felt it was difficult to apply as it was too watery for one coat and lil thick for multiple coats. Confusing! Well, then came hack #2. I mixed this to Orange Color Show and got an amazing color but it was still lighter for my skin so I mixed a drop or two of red nail color and I got beautiful shimmery peachy pink. Also I mixed the L’Oreal peaceful pink to my Hooked-on-Pink Color Show and I got more Nail color. This one was not so different from the original, but still the amount increased and I could make use of the Peaceful Pink.

Pinky Finger – Combination of L’Oreal Peaceful Pink + Orange from Color Show Maybelline + Red color from Pop Arazzi | Ring Finger – L’Oreal Peaceful Pink | Middle one – Combination of Peaceful Pink + Hooked-on-Pink from Color Show Maybelline | Index Finger – Combination of L’Oreal Peaceful Pink + Orange from Color Show Maybelline

I also have some Hot designs Nail art stuff which I got as a return gift in one my friend’s kid’s party 🙂 .. I use them sometime and they are super fun to play with.. Hopefully some day I will share my not-so-amazing creativity with you all…

How long does your nail colors survive in your cabinet? Do you guys try such hacks to your extincting nail colors? Please share your color combinations..and hope you guys enjoyed the not so informative post 😉 xoxo..




18 thoughts on “That’s all the nail coloring I own :)

  1. mommermom says:

    Pretty colors. I was looking at nail polish today in the store and I can’t believe how expensive it is! Was looking for some summer colors. I never thought about combining some of the colors I already have. Great idea. Thanks.

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  2. kavyaede says:

    Haha! Loved reading this post. It just reminded me of all my stuff lying around unused. A gazillion nail colors especially. It’s now time to clean up I guess. And also buy some new colors. Thanks for the reminder! 😀 I am loving all dark shades lately! 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

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