Hello guys… Hope you all are doing great! I am here today to talk about a person who is undoubtedly one of the most important one in everyone’s life “FRIEND”… I am so thankful to God for bringing me close to all these people I call “Friends’ who are the gem of my life. I love you all…

Who is a friend? A person who believes in you, in all your nonsense,  in all your breakouts, in all the stupid stuff you do.. Who is there for you in all the lows and highs.. Who understands you even when you behave like the biggest idiot on earth.. Who encourages you that you are the best and loves you even though you are at your worst… Who lies to you to make you feel better, who stands by you when whole world is against you, who knows that you need them the most at that very moment. They make you feel precious and the most important person when no one understands..and I am so glad to be surrounded by so many special people like these.. They also shout and scold you when you are drifting away from the reality, they guide you, they set you straight. They are your life and when you know that you can be yourself around them then you know you have a best friend…

Cherish the ones you have and be kind…

See you soon with some beauty tags and story times!



 Image source : Pixabay

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