Helloooo Beautiful people out there!!!  I hope all is well with everyone in the drawers and the wardrobes and the soul within… I am back again with another ‘I Express’ post on the BirchBox beauty boxes. I know I am few months late on expressing my feelings, but let’s face it ‘I get distracted very easily with the shine and glitter and the sitcoms..’ 😉 So without any further ado, here we go ….



May and June month beauty boxes came with the products in a huge range.. It had products for skincare, hair care and makeup covering almost all areas of my beauty regime. Let me start with hair care products..


LOVE Smoothing Shampoo :  First of all, loved the name.. 🙂 Now moving on, after my first wash I was happy about it but with regular usage I felt more hair fall during the wash. Once the hair dries it leaves a smooth texture and does not frizz. I do not like the wet hair texture immediately after the wash, its kind of clammy. It does not have any prominent fragrance so that’s a bummer for me. So for me this shampoo is a Nah:(  It’s 2/5.

LOVE Smoothing Conditioner : I am not a hair conditioner person. I usually just shampoo my hair and am good to go. But to get rid of that clammy after effect of the Love Shampoo, I had to use this conditioner and it was not bad. My hair felt creamy and frizz proof.  The shine on the hair was noticeable. There is no amazing frangrancooooo… It’s 3/5 for me.

A suggestion for my fellow bloggers, if you plan to give this shampoo a try, please make sure to get this conditioner as well. Together they form a great team and I would give them 4/5 as a team…

Links to buy these products from Birchbox are here : Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner | Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo


Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer : A very very very hyped product and I had been wanting to try this for a very long time now. I must say I am NOT that impressed. I was expecting a lot out of this one. Let me start with some Pros – Texture is super pigmented, creamy and very easy to apply. It a beautiful matte. Sample product came with a good amount of it. Personally, I love this color. Cons – I do love the color but it is not that notable. When I swatch it, I can see a beautiful shade but when I start applying it, I don’t see much until I get on to it 😉 .. So for me it’s 3/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :  Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer


ModelCo Lip Lacquer – Creme Brulee : Here comes my internet knowledge base 😉 and it states that a lip lacquer does not contain wax like a lipstick and is not that long-lasting. This ModelCo lip lacquer claims to be long-lasting but aaaaa it does not stay for that long 😀 It is definitely very creamy which made the process of application a little difficult. The color was a little too much for me and hence I couldn’t dare to wear it alone. I combined it with lip stain from Stainiac and it worked amazing. Color toned down a lot and gave a very beautiful peachy pink color. Since I can combine this Lacquer with other lip products to come up with beautiful colors, I would give it a 3/5.

Please refer to my first ‘I Express’ post – BEAUTY BOX ONE – ‘I EXPRESS’ (A REVIEW)  to know about my experience with this Lip stain from Stainiac.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :  ModelCo Lip Lacquer Trio


COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray : This is a very good setting spray. Its matte-finish and weightless as it claims. Sets the makeup effectively for an entire day at work. The formula has Green Tea & Aloe which keeps the skin hydrated. Also, it provides organic sun care with broad spectrum SPF30. It’s a 4/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   COOLA® SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray


CLEAN Blossom Eau de Parfum : This is the last and my favorite product of May box 🙂 Seriously guys this is one  of the most beautiful fragrance that I have come across. It is so fresh and beautiful like soul of Spring.  Loved it and definitely going to buy a full size. It’s a 5/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   CLEAN Blossom Eau de Parfum



Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel -5 Deep : Wow. This product is just so awesome. Let’s start with the applicator which has a precision tip for shaping and makes applying this product very easy. The formula is very natural and does not give a very dramatic look like pencils. I love the way it makes the brows look fuller and natural at the same time. It is water-resistant so a big Yay! It stays on you until you wipe it off. For me, it’s a 5/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel


Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow : Okay so I am a big fan of BB creams & I was super excited to try this one and trust me, this is amazing. Gives that beautiful golden glow without looking over the top. It sets very smoothly and stays for long. Matte look. It claims to mask imperfection which it true as it gives a smooth finish but like any other BB cream it only provides a mild to medium coverage. So far, I am loving it. It’s a 5/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

fontcandy (1)

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum : Well this skin serum sure do smell soothing. It has a sweet smell which somehow reminds me of Cinnamon 😉 It is a good formula and treats skin really well. With constant use, you would see some improvement in the skin like reduced spots & blocked pores but I doubt its an instant resolution to blemishes as it claims.  For me, it’s 2/5 for now.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :   Balance Me Congested Skin Serum


Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Sport Luxe Face & Body Cream SPF 30 : This one has a mildly thick formula and works really well. It does not wear off with sweat and is water resistant (40 minutes). It is a double shield which works against sun and also helps to cool off the irritated skin. Works well for me. It’s a 3/5 for me.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here : Lavanila The Healthy Sunscreen Sport Luxe


Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator – Gilded Honey : Now this is a cult favorite. When you look at it first, it looks a soft creamy product but when you glide your finger on it, it is actually like powder which is hardened in swirls. When you pick the product on your brush or finger, it is very creamy and pigmented. One thing I learnt very quick about this illuminator is that ‘little goes a long way’. It gives a beautiful golden honey highlight but be very careful while using it as it is really very lit. For me, it’s a 4/5.

Link to buy this product from Birchbox is here :    Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

That’s my ‘I express’ for today!! I hope you will get some ideas with my experience of the above products. If you have any further queries, please feel free to leave a question below.

Thank You all for stopping by.. Have an amazing weekend ahead.




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