S says 😉

Awesome are those who are gifted with immense patience as the biggest wonders are experienced by those who didn’t give up till the grand finale after the finale.

‘Those’ who can survive the turmoil of emotions, walk through the hardships of this plastic world, believe in the miracles at the end of all the darkness are the real ‘dream catchers‘.


……and I was summoning my patience at Dallas airport where we (S+S) were stranded 😀 as the flights to San Francisco were getting cancelled due to bad weather  … Spending a night at sleepy San Diego airport…

…A story from our beginning…but before that, a glimpse of SFO..


…misty sea…


…while everyone was enjoying the beautiful golden gate bridge, I stole a glimpse to the little track leading to the blend of land and water…


..breathtaking architecture..


..loved the walks on these ups and downs..

During our HM, we experienced the never ending delays of our connecting flight to SFO in Dallas which was finally cancelled due to bad weather… What an unexpected start! The “commencement of HM” saga started in the morning and the episode of “us reaching SFO” ended next day in the afternoon. It took us one and half day to reach our destination from Houston 😀 ..

So how did we end up spending a night in San Diego airport? That’s the mid story.. After the flights to San Francisco were cancelled, we were given the option to fly to Oakland or San Diego. “I could see the dismay on faces of my fellow passengers. Everyone was travelling home for holidays and airport was buzzing with unsatisfied customers of Southwest. I still remember the girl sitting opposite to me and tears in her eyes when they announced all the flights to SFO were cancelled. Thankfully I think she got a seat in the flight to Oakland.” After getting assurance from ground staff that there are flights flying to SFO or San Jose from there, we got on to a flight to San Diego. But did it change the pace of our travel? .. we only wished… We landed at San Diego airport and got another surprise – all the flights were cancelled and airport closed at 11 pm 😀 We were asked to leave the southwest waiting areas & hence the night at San Diego airport instead of our warm snugly bed in SFO 😉

Next day in the morning, we were the first one to reach the Southwest counter and got the tickets to San Jose. Yup, still no flights to SFO. One more interesting detail, our checked in luggage somehow ended up reaching Oakland (I am reminiscing all the memories and actually ROFL) 😀 .. They arranged it to reach our hotel in SFO. You won’t believe it but we reached the hotel before our luggage arrived 😉

Both of us are a strong believers in all the positives and hence in between all this mayhem we were able to find positive in the way things were working out for us. We also totally believe in –if you truly and I must insist TRULY want something, entire universe get into play to make sure you get it– so during the early stages of HM planning, we really wanted to include two items – San Jose & a train travel but couldn’t, due to some constraints. Universe had different plans for us 😀 We ended up flying to San Jose and then used Caltrain to reach SFO.  Yayiee… Train travel was so amazing, route was very beautiful.. Loved it. Also we got Southwest coupon of 200$ on each ticket for all the inconvenience. Everything worked out awesome for us and we ended up with an amazing story to share from our honeymoon… 😉

Writings from SFO – Weather was really bad for flight landings but was truly beautiful for honeymooners 😀 .. I always tell S that we saw SFO at its most beautiful (that’s what I believe in he he) and still have it buried in my heart and soul…

And for now I am keeping my patience with a smile on my lips,  in the lap of flowing time, keeping my brains accustomed to never-ending journey of this-n-that I try everyday, in the beautiful music and above all, hope & faith I have in my heart for all the positives in the beautiful world…:)

Hope you enjoy the post..



8 thoughts on “Patience!

  1. IamSaikat says:

    I cannot forget the scenic view on either sides of our caltrain journey! Even after the hectic previous day and sleepless night , i couldn’t shut my eyes the entire time i was on the trains..looking around the beautiful places we crossed or looking at my baby while she took a nap 🙂 SFO..we vow to return to you 🙂

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