You are judged all the time

Wouldn’t life be so simple if nobody judged you for what or who you are? Yes, it would be like living in an equal society for real. We can run for our lives and others, and every single soul on the earth but still be judged by someone who would not approve of how you did the things even if they are happy with the results. This is life. So what do you do? Be the one you are.. Be what you want to be or who you want to be.. You just got this one life so live it by your rules and your wishes and your dreams. Just keep one thing in your mind or heart – not to hurt anyone in trying to run breathlessly on the track of life to reach THERE, in walking up that ladder… Just try, you might still end up hurting someone, the person hurt may be you but still you tried..


She was sitting in the little garden full of lilies on her white chair with a brown book on her lap. She plucked few lilies that she had planted herself, trying to mix match the colors to bring the rainbow in her garden. Yeah lilies in her flowerbed were not white, they were blue and green with mix of pink-yellow petals. She was happy. Tears rolled down her cheek when she put them in the vase on the beautifully carved table in front of her. Her better half had worked so hard to bring the fallen tree to life. Standing in his workshop behind the garage, working for hours to carve the butterflies she wanted, coloring them with the colors that brought smile on her lips. She sat surrounded by nature and love, someone had poured for her. Her lips curved into a smile with eyes still flooded with longing for him. Her heart ached, she opened her brown book not to read the author but to read the note he wrote for her “Life is unimaginable. Future is not seen. Past is the memories we had created together. It is the journey we embarked on hopping from step to step. Present is you. You are my Love and I will be there around you even if I am not near. Smile and close your eyes and imagine the most happiest moments and you will find me.” She closed her eyes and smiled. A cool mountain breeze came and pressed a kiss on her forehead and she could hear the music of stream from the distance. He was there…! He was always there never judging her, always understanding her and always embracing her for who she was.

Then the back door opened and he came out walking with another white chair in his hands. He placed it right beside her and gave a peck on her cheek, she chuckled like a bird and kissed him back and asked for her lemonade… 🙂

His hair is grey and she has wrinkled beautifully. They are old and they lived a full life.


This is life. It is beautiful and there will be people around judging you, don’t mind them, but be with the one who would judge you only to help you find the person you are…!

Love you all…





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