Support Cherish Our Children International Team

Hello Everyone… I hope everyone is in a great Thursday spirit and ready to roll into the weekend fun 🙂

Guess what! This Sunday April 8, I am doing my first 5K run. As extra motivation and determination to cross my event finish line, I have chosen Cherish Our Children International, COCI, as my Reason2Race ®.

Please click my link below, read my story and consider sponsoring me in this worthwhile cause!

Your support would mean so much to us and the children we serve!

Thank you so much!

Below is information on COCI —

Cherish Our Children International supports children in venerable situations around the world. Currently are supporting programs right here in Houston, Africa, Serbia, and Mexico.

Houston is our biggest program. No More Victims supports kids dealing with parental incarceration. The program supports them in completing their High School education. Moving on to college or a trade. Most importantly not following in the parents footsteps.

In Africa we support a home for orphaned children due mostly to the aids epidemic. The home has 10 children and a momma who takes care of them. We partner with SOS Children’s Village.

In Serbia we advocate for children with disabilities.

In Mexico we partner with ROHI providing education for children living in low income neighborhood in Reynosa.

I look forward for your support…

Thank you all.. Love you..


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