Edit March 5th 2018..

When I started this blog I thought to incorporate my lifestyle into this but down the lane I realized it does not fascinate me. I am fascinated by other lifestyle bloggers but I figured that’s not for me. So I started writing short stories, random experiences, thoughts and I liked doing that. I like to have a platform to scribble down my thoughts whenever they pop into it. So I decided to update my About page so that it showcases what I am doing and might continue to do in future.

This is a section of random thoughts and ideas and stories depicting my dreams.. I hope you enjoy the randomness.

All Love


To know more about your S, continue reading….


Hello there! Just little something to know me.. I from India. I am fascinated by anything and everything – Clothes, Food, Natural Beauty, Shoes, Tea, Mountains, Momos, Essence…  My heart lies in all things that are old and antique.. I suffer from Travel-Mania and wanna travel round the globe. Avid Reader – I can read whatever you throw at me, written in the script I understand… Loquacious. Adore food!! I am a big time YouTube addict and spend hours surfing through vlogs, beauty review, food recipes, travel videos. ME is in love with Pink and ME is in favor of little glitter gold.

 New post will be whenever I feel like 😀

I hope you enjoy this blog.



P S : Just some stuff to know me better… You can skip if you want to.. Trust me, I won’t mind 😉 😛
I am here to just write… Some things will make sense, few will leave you wondering WHY?? Just hang on,,I will come around again to amuse you for sure.. I love everything and everyone. I love the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, the positives, the negatives. I try to find the best in the worst.. and most important lesson or idea in my life is to learn atleast one thing from everyone I have come across.. I have happened to connect with so many souls that I know that by the end of me, I will have something of everyone I have met in this journey of life.. I will be the summary of my voyage of life…

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