My friend’s fetish for Coconut

Hello beautiful people.. How are you all doing?? So today I thought that we should talk about something beautyishly helpful today.. 😀 Let me share with you some of the intellect of my good friend A. The other day we were coming back from our weekly grocery shopping. Indulged in our usual discussion about upcoming family events, friends, food, I am not sure how we ended up talking about coconuts. She is such in love with this fruit. She uses it and its byproduct for almost everything. And than, began the never ending list of how useful Mr. Hard-shell but soft from inside is… I thought to share some Coconut knowledge with my blogger friends and help you all to decide yourself if you want to add one more home product to you beauty regime.


So A’s cooking is done mostly with coconut oil, of which she was not that fond of but when she got to know about all the goodness and awesomeness it showers, she decided to give it a try and that my dear friend was the turning point to no turning back. Coconut oil in cooking has been adopted by many big celebrities as it helps in achieving that glowing skin and weight loss. Also, if you apply coconut oil to your skin as a massage oil in little amount regularly, it will transform your skin texture to smooth and even, with added glow.

CO also serves as an amazing natural primer if used in a very little quantity, just a little drop would do.. Apply it evenly all over your face and you will immediately  see pores hiding away and even texture. It also holds your foundation for a longer time. But make sure you use very very small amount, else it will leave your skin oily and you definitely don’t want that 🙂

It can be used as an eye makeup remover. It is much soft and gentle on skin as compared to other makeup removers. And also it is natural & organic hence no chemicals going into your eye.. It itself works as a great tanning oil as well.

Who has not experienced that feeling of being flushed out of energy and head bursting with pain? You all understand what I am talking about right? Coconut oil has cure for that as well. Yay! So take a little CO and add a drop or two of peppermint oil. Massage your head with this mixture and you will feel relieved of that excruciating pain within minutes. You will feel relaxed and will fall more in love with CO..

CO can also be used to keep your teeth white and gums healthy 😀 Take a spoon full of CO and put it your mouth for 10 minutes. Doing this regularly will result for sure in sparkling white teeth and healthy gums.

Coconut water is very good for healthy stomach and drinking it regularly results in healthy skin.


Most important use of all times is in sweets 😀 I know it is no where related to beauty but don’t we all agree that beauty lies within. So if you are happy than your skin will glow automatically for sure.. Coconut sweets are so yum and can bring smile to anyone’s face. You can use grated coconut to make sweets and treat yourself a bit for all the hard work you do!

You rock gurl!




PS : All the pictures above are courtesy pixabay .