And it happened again :) DIY Holiday Headbands

Long Thanksgiving weekend, nothing much to do, so what do I do? Being in the most festive holiday mood that I could be, an idea popped up in my head to make headgear for holidays. So I got into my red beetle wearing my green sweater and white sneakers (of course I was wearing pants ūüėÄ , they were blue) and drove to Dollar store.. Before I go further with my DIY saga, here’s the link to my DIY : Holiday Headbands video –

Hope you guys enjoy it..

53FD8766-59A7-4377-BD5C-6F351FDF2087 (2)

So I entered the store, stocked up my basket with everything holidayieesh I could find, billed them and vroom I came home. My head flooding with ideas and I started immediately. Kept my phone on record mode and made four holiday headbands back to back. You won’t believe by the end of the work, I had around an hour of content. This was my first time recording DIY work so I was like woow. All of them were pretty (at least I thought so ūüėČ ) and my model ‘Mr Fizzy Moon’ was delighted!

Now came the task to edit the video and I have never done this before. So I sat and started to uncover, discover, explore the depths of Windows Movie Maker and well, it is pretty easy and simple to use. Pain was to decide on what part to remove and what to keep. So as the amazing movie maker I am ( hear the sarcasm in the voice guys), it took me hours to edit the video, and this is just the video. I have not even started my blunder with recording the narration ha ha. Video was done and audio was the next in hand.

Clicked the record narration button and started blabbering the script I had prepared. I was so nervous as if I am giving some speech in front of thousands of people ūüėČ . After I am done, I clicked on play and I hear nothing. Absolutely nothing, pitch dark silence. Phew, here goes my first attempt in vain. Rebooted the system, tried record again but this time I was smart, I just recorded for 5 seconds to test. Experience! ha ha. Again, the same problem and now started my google work of checking if others have seen the problem. After researching for an hour and trying multiple things, I found the answer on Microsoft answers page – In movie maker, the drop down menu button in the top left ->¬†Options ->¬†Audio and Video -> Available Audio Devices: select your speaker device. And woo-la, my problem was fixed. Recorded the narration and I sounded okay but can’t help it, have to use it now. Then I added some background songs, played with¬†¬†fading in and fading out of the background sound and I was done. I mean I don’t know how does the video look and sound but I was done.

Clicked on save the movie. Opened YouTube and uploaded the video. Hope you guys enjoy it! I will try to venture on any new idea that pops up into my head and share with you guys..

Love you BlingTreeG Family!



Sorry!! I have been MIA..


Hello.. All the wonderful people out there… Lovely ladies and Gentlemen… Greetings to all.. I am sorry for being MIA for so long. But I have an excuse and a very valid and interesting one indeed.. Well lets chuck the second adjective, he he , its not interesting ūüėČ So Yeah I was swamped with work and hell lot of work.. Have been working my butt off.. Late working hours.. But still I have been checking all the new posts from blog world religiously,, It’s difficult for me to keep my hands off your lovely posts.. Have been regular with reading and loving and appreciating all your work.. I just multitask my morning coffee time at desk with reading the colorful and very reviving art of words and pictures in the blogosphere.. ūüôā

Aaaaa..let me be very honest with you folks.. There is one more reason for me to not posting anything for weeks now. If you have been following my world here, you might know about this novella ‘Forgotten Love’ I had promised to write, of which I did post two chapters –¬†1¬†and¬†2¬†. I have my entire plot ready with a beautiful (aaaa tragic, well lets leave it a secret) ending all cooked up in my head, but I cannot get past this third chapter. I want to get my facts and research clear before I proceed further so I do not look like a fool ūüėČ .. So yupp, I am still working on it and cannot get past it to other posts…

Other then just working, researching and yet again finishing the entire series of How I Met Your Mother, I have been shopping a lot which does include some pretty cute trinkets (a post coming soon on those) …. I did stitch three dresses or you may say transformed old clothes to new wearable stuff.. I will be posting some pictures of those soon.. Also, I did cook a lot..all Indian food..

I have been crazily listening to Adam Levine’s Locked away. I mean seriously, it’s on repeat on my laptop while I am hitting keys trying to wind up that pile of work… Its awesome.. would you still love me the same????

Oh I almost forgot to tell I received my beauty boxes from Birchbox and there will be combined post of April and May boxes.. I received some amazing products and I am so excited to express my experience with them..

And here is some pictures of my recent visit to the back alley of Potbelly near my office.. Ooo, we did have lunch at Potbelly.. I loooooove the sandwiches there and the all american air.. It’s so delish!


That’s all the face I can make while posing ūüėÄ .. So I am wearing a black and while stripe top from United Colors of Benetton, one of my favorite brands. This is a super comfy top for those summer warm days when you don’t wanna care so much about your clothes whole day long and just let it go. Very soft and goes stunningly with black pants from Levi’s. These pair of pants I have picked from Kohl’s last year and they are still going great. Just love them and they go with looooot of my tops. ¬†Finally carrying a silver wallet from Kenneth Cole and Pink flower printed flats from H & M.. Hope you liked the Friday casual look. I just could not stop myself from getting this pictures clicked once I found this beautiful alley with such beautiful artwork..

So this is the snippet of last few weeks and I will be back ASAP ūüôā

See you soon lovelies.. Take care..



My Big Ol’ Lonely Bag!¬†


That’s my big old red Puma bag.. Sitting there with the beloved love of my life Sephora sweetheart.. Don’t worry, no makeup goodies in there.. Just serving as my lunch bag.. ūüėČ .. Waiting to be loaded in the trunk of the car. There was a pretty hectic day ahead of them.. Don’t worry they both did a marvelous job in stuffing my face with food and brains with the notes.. ūüė¨

Mori Girl?

A fashion trend which struck the street fashion world and left us wanting to look more woodsy and natural.¬†Mori Girl looks like as if she is walking out of forest.. That calmness on her face.. Those beautiful locks of her hair.. Loose clothes that looks like feathers… But this Japanese street fashion was more than just clothing style..

Mori Girl Style #3
This is a Mori Girl Style inspired set by me on Polyvore.

WHAT. Mori in Japanese means Forest.  It is subculture which originated in Japan. This is more of lifestyle than clothing style. For more detailed information, read this morigirl blog post.

WHEN/WHO/WHERE. In 2006 August, a girl who is known as Choco started Mori Girl community in Japan’s biggest social network website Mixi. To be entitled as a Mori Girl, one needed to fulfill¬†certain standards which were created by the founder of the community.¬†These are called official Mori-Girl rules. This is a pretty exhaustive list of¬†more than 60 measures ūüėČ ¬†I fulfill more than half of these, but not all.. Long way to go for me ūüėÄ

Essence of all these rules is that a Mori Girl is simple, natural, nature lover and free-spirited. She looks for meaning in the things that are usually overlooked in the busy run of life. She loves to read and can be seen sitting in the corner of a cafe indulged in a book, sipping tea. She is trying to find peace in the most practical present day surrounding, enjoying the old & antique.

She looks like fairy-tale forest wanderer with quiet-serene face, long loose hair, beautiful accessories and loose clothes with vintage prints. Her look is the most captive part. She looks like as if she is living in the forest or walking out of the forest.
Mori Girl Style #1
Mori Girl Style #1 by s-blingtreeg featuring a midi dress from

Most of the Mori Girl Style inspired clothing lines are in Japan but it is not impossible to pull out this style. There are various blogs providing tips to get this look (links below), but two most important things to keep in mind is layering, lots of layering and to keep the look innocent.



You can also find pieces that fit into this style in stores like Forever 21, YesStyle and Etsy. Checkout my Mori Girl Pin board on Pinterest for more Mori Girl looks.


featuring Goroke navy blue dress from , Fairyland blue jacket from, Flat boots from and Handbags tote from
What I love the most about this style? Р  Uncomplicated and laid-back self.  Reading. Clothes. Hair. Shoes. Makeup. I would love to be my comfortable self wearing all loose dresses, laces and layers in my non working hours but to be practical I would like to infuse this layered look with the every day style and make it more of a work/college wearable vogue. I am a fan of flat shoes and natural makeup so this look is my daily saga. I used to have long hair kept just in Mori Girl way but they are cut short to a bob and I like to keep them bed head style.


So are you a Mori Girl or wanna be one?


Hope you liked this post.. Until next time…



Rain inspired style set!

I am inspired by the Rain and hence this set is an honest effort to make it more fun than it already is..

A mix of pink and white colors, starting with these beautiful Pink Wide-Leg Cassandra Trousers. These pink and white micro-striped trousers are made with a smooth, crisp twill fabric. Styled with an ultra-wide leg, gathered-elasticated with front pleats. This is a creation by the Italian contemporary brand VIVETTA established by fashion designer Vivetta Ponti in 2009. Her creations are inspired by poetry, dolls, antiques, fifties furniture, and sixties and seventies tapestries, to name a few. I am in love with her  Resort 2016 Women’s Collection.

Matching these adorable pants is a crop tank top by Needle & Thread. This sleeveless beige-toned top brings an oomph to the look with its spring-like embroidery. The top is made with 100% polyester fabric with zip fastening and beautiful glass beads embellishment at rear. Needle & Thread is a British contemporary brand that is well known for its expertly drawn lace and floral motifs in intricate threads and sequence. To keep the look casual, I have added Matt Bernson ankle strap sandals in white to it. These rainer stacked low wedge sandal are very comfortable and goes well with the entire rain theme set. Further adorning this outfit is a very cute Vera Bradley clear bubble umbrella. This is a bubble shape ombre effect inspired piece with great visibility and spacious to keep you always dry.


Adding a little more fun to the set with a Yellow Stutterheim Rain Jacket. This is a handmade rain wear in rubberised cotton with silver button and hemp strings. Stutterheim is a Stockholm based brand specializing in great rainwear and accessories. Their story is amazing and a must read… They have the finest craftsmen and all their creations are handmade.

I like outdoors to enjoy the rain to the fullest. So to relax in the patio and I have added an adorable seat from Vincent Sheppard Cruz Coccon. To make the set more engaging I have included a Rain Cloud Mug in color sky blue from BreadandBadger , a Tulip Jug frommarksandspencer  and a piece of art, Paris in Rain Print from Original Water illustration.

This rainy day set is created by me on Polyvore at Rainready .. Hope you guys liked it.. Links to all the items are below.

VIVETTA stretch waist pants : , Needle Thread Crop Tank Top : ,  Matt Bernson ankle strap sandals : ,  Vera Bradley clear bubble umbrella : VERABRADLEY.COM , Stutterheim mens hooded jacket : , Hammocks swing : VIVALAGOON.COM , Rainbow mug : ETSY.COM , Serveware : MARKSANDSPENCER.COM , Red painting : PINTEREST.COM


Spring Fever

Spring Fever


Spring fever is on!! Trying some ruffles with Topshop skirt in denim. This ‘easy on the pocket’ Cami tank will go well with anything. You can match it with your shorts for a beach look, with white pants for a date look, with pink Palazzo for evening hangout with friends, with blue denims for movie night.
Showcasing a go-getter set for a casual outing with friends..
Links to all the items are below. Hope you like it ūüôā

Cami tank

Topshop cotton skirt

Leather flat

Rebecca minkoff backpack

Decree lace hair bow

Clarins lipstick

Body cleanser

Christian Dior nail polish

Winter To Spring

Winter To Spring


Spring is knocking on our doors and yet I have not started wrapping up my cozy, lovely, snugly sweaters. Before I do away with my winter stuff, I thought of giving them a final woof of the breeze. So I did a mix match of my winter wardrobe with that of summers and I loved it.
I love mix match and since I have been indulged in one lately, I thought of giving a little try to Polyvore’s contest “Winter to Spring”. ¬†I tried a fusion of summer top with a winter vintage cape combining it with a distressed skinny jeans from Topshop. Pierre Hardy Floral pumps gives the whole attire a pinch of classy look which is finally sobered down by a Saint Laurent cross-body handbag that swings in a casual feel to the combination. Set have been further adorned¬†with Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in color Nude by Stila, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Nail art and hair style ideas. Links to all the items are below. Hope you all enjoyed the look.

Glamorous strappy tank

Vintage cape

Topshop distressed skinny jeans

Moisturizing lipstick

Hair styling tool

Disney traditional home decor

My bags are packed!!

My bags are packed!!


Chanel brown v neck sweater

Stella mccartney jumpsuit

Chicwish heart skirt

Steve Madden gold heel sandals

Pinky black heel pumps

Movado wrist watch

Lulu Frost deco jewelry

Natasha Accessories earrings