S says 😉

Awesome are those who are gifted with immense patience as the biggest wonders are experienced by those who didn’t give up till the grand finale after the finale.

‘Those’ who can survive the turmoil of emotions, walk through the hardships of this plastic world, believe in the miracles at the end of all the darkness are the real ‘dream catchers‘.


……and I was summoning my patience at Dallas airport where we (S+S) were stranded 😀 as the flights to San Francisco were getting cancelled due to bad weather  … Spending a night at sleepy San Diego airport…

…A story from our beginning…but before that, a glimpse of SFO..


…misty sea…


…while everyone was enjoying the beautiful golden gate bridge, I stole a glimpse to the little track leading to the blend of land and water…


..breathtaking architecture..


..loved the walks on these ups and downs..

During our HM, we experienced the never ending delays of our connecting flight to SFO in Dallas which was finally cancelled due to bad weather… What an unexpected start! The “commencement of HM” saga started in the morning and the episode of “us reaching SFO” ended next day in the afternoon. It took us one and half day to reach our destination from Houston 😀 ..

So how did we end up spending a night in San Diego airport? That’s the mid story.. After the flights to San Francisco were cancelled, we were given the option to fly to Oakland or San Diego. “I could see the dismay on faces of my fellow passengers. Everyone was travelling home for holidays and airport was buzzing with unsatisfied customers of Southwest. I still remember the girl sitting opposite to me and tears in her eyes when they announced all the flights to SFO were cancelled. Thankfully I think she got a seat in the flight to Oakland.” After getting assurance from ground staff that there are flights flying to SFO or San Jose from there, we got on to a flight to San Diego. But did it change the pace of our travel? .. we only wished… We landed at San Diego airport and got another surprise – all the flights were cancelled and airport closed at 11 pm 😀 We were asked to leave the southwest waiting areas & hence the night at San Diego airport instead of our warm snugly bed in SFO 😉

Next day in the morning, we were the first one to reach the Southwest counter and got the tickets to San Jose. Yup, still no flights to SFO. One more interesting detail, our checked in luggage somehow ended up reaching Oakland (I am reminiscing all the memories and actually ROFL) 😀 .. They arranged it to reach our hotel in SFO. You won’t believe it but we reached the hotel before our luggage arrived 😉

Both of us are a strong believers in all the positives and hence in between all this mayhem we were able to find positive in the way things were working out for us. We also totally believe in –if you truly and I must insist TRULY want something, entire universe get into play to make sure you get it– so during the early stages of HM planning, we really wanted to include two items – San Jose & a train travel but couldn’t, due to some constraints. Universe had different plans for us 😀 We ended up flying to San Jose and then used Caltrain to reach SFO.  Yayiee… Train travel was so amazing, route was very beautiful.. Loved it. Also we got Southwest coupon of 200$ on each ticket for all the inconvenience. Everything worked out awesome for us and we ended up with an amazing story to share from our honeymoon… 😉

Writings from SFO – Weather was really bad for flight landings but was truly beautiful for honeymooners 😀 .. I always tell S that we saw SFO at its most beautiful (that’s what I believe in he he) and still have it buried in my heart and soul…

And for now I am keeping my patience with a smile on my lips,  in the lap of flowing time, keeping my brains accustomed to never-ending journey of this-n-that I try everyday, in the beautiful music and above all, hope & faith I have in my heart for all the positives in the beautiful world…:)

Hope you enjoy the post..





S says 😉

Life is simple.. If you don’t believe me then just look at the mirror and Smile.. You will be amused to know that it’s actually easy to find a moment of happiness. Only you are responsible for your own bliss.. 🙂


….. and I was finding my joy in the state of Nevada which is considered to be largely a desert and we (S + S) were amused to see the snow covered Grand Canyon. In the chilling winter honeymoon…


Do you see those flying bunnies??


Through the window of The tour bus… 🙂 December 2015..


Snow covered wonder… I am reminiscing how I felt when the chilly winter air passed through my coat and I was holding his hand trying not to slip on the hardened snow, but jump off a pile of fresh snow. I could still remember the smell of snow every time I open the door of my freezer. It brings the shiver back. It makes me miss him more. I close the door and the video and the pictures and bring back myself to today. Today where I am here..smiling at the mirror to bring the bliss in our lives.. He will be with me soon..


and then our stay at the Fremont street.. Covering three different hotels in around 6 days of stay – at the strip, at the Fremont street,  near the boulder city highway and seriously nothing is bad here at Vegas. Or may be it was the high in the air.. You don’t sleep here and eating is one thing that keeps us awake 😀 Being a kind of veggie loving person, S loves to try new vegan or vegetarian places. This place is awesome. I don’t think there are any branches for the restaurant, so if you plan to visit Vegas, I definitely recommend you to try this one. VegeNation . Its a Vegan place and they also have an Entree named Ellen DeGeneres 🙂 .. Love her.  This temple of food took care of our hunger for almost two days and then we decided to try other places as well 😉 Not fair for other eateries. Vegenation burger and Jamaican Hibiscus Punch – Yum…

My today’s bliss is in chill of the snow and smell of the food.. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the post..



STORY OF THE BRIDE – My Wedding Jewelry

Hello wonderful people.. Today I thought to get back on that wedding diaries blog series of mine. I had decided to finish the entire series before our first wedding anniversary but with this speed I doubt I am gonna achieve that 😉 So let’s get back on track.. Today I thought of bringing to you my joy of collecting those beautiful wedding jewelry items.. So lets get going with it..

So being in the States, it was difficult to search for Indian Ethnic jewelry but it was not impossible.. However not to lie, most of this shopping was done from Indian Bazaars of places like Delhi, Chandigarh and Dehradun.. 😉

Before I start, I would like to let you guys know that the step of buying jewelry for any Bride should start once all her bridal couture is ready as these are to be matched and then brought. I am sorry for bringing the step 2 to you before the step 1… 😀 But for all the Bride-to-be out there, please go and finalize your outfits before splurging on these jewels 😉


Design of this jewelry is called Chandrabali. ‘Chandra’ in Hindi means moon and ‘Bali’ means earring, these words put together makes Chandrabali.. The name came as the earring is in the form of half moon. These became pretty famous as Ram Leela Dangle earrings after worn by Bollywood Leading actress Deepika Padukone in one of her movies. This piece was picked from Delhi by one of my friend. There are many places in Delhi to pick up artificial ethnic jewelry like Sadar Bazar, Hauz Khas Village, Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk. OMG, these places are like ‘shop til you drop for the shopaholics’.. 🙂

I guess I didn’t get to wear the in any of my wedding function but I wore it to one of my friend’s wedding which was during the same time.. 🙂




The one in the form of open umbrella above are another type of Indian traditional earrings called Jhumki and one of my personal favorite. I loved the pearl work done on these.


This jhumar style piece along with the jhumki in the above picture were picked up from Chandigarh by another friend of mine S. S has a real dig for finding amazing pieces among the lot. So I am not sure if all the pieces in the store were this amazing but yupp when I met her, she told me that she wanted to buy the entire lot. he he. I don’t really remember which market she picked these from but we both are a big fan of Shastri market in Sector 22.  I wore this piece for my Mehendi function.. In this function, bride and all her friends and relatives apply heena designs to their hands and feet and then dance on some Indian traditional folk music which is then followed by the Bollywood dance numbers.. 😀


So these are the trinkets that were brought from India by my dear friends.. I got a lot of compliments for the jhumar style, the one with green and red pearl work..



Above is a set containing a necklace, earring and a piece of jewelry called Maangtika. A maangtika is a jewelry which is worn in such a  way that one end, which has a small pin, is attached to the hair and the other end, which has an ornament, rests at the hairline. That’s the explanation.. he he.. that i could do 😉 But the best part about the above set is that I brought it from States. There is a boutique called Parinaz in Houston area, from where I bought my entire wedding ensemble and this set is picked from there as well. Parinaz has one of the most beautiful and affordable collection of clothes as well as jewelry. Well, there is one more place to find Indian Ethnic Jewelry in Houston area and it is, Hillcroft. There are n number of stores here selling Ethnic clothes and jewelry but i personally did not like the customer service at the stores I visited here. I will be talking more about these places in my Bridal Couture post.

Well I wore the above set for my wedding reception with a Lehenga.. This was not of the same color as my dress but it went well with it and the entire combination was looking beautiful.

My lovely friends.. please take a lot of time to decide on your jewelry as these items bring out the most beautiful look of yours. I had spent more than three and half hours before finalizing the above set for my reception. I had worn my Lehenga and I kept on changing different sets, combining one necklace with some earring, some head piece, and all was worth it. So spend some time there and you will be glad that you did… 🙂


The little artificial flower adorned with studs and gold colored pearls was used to decorate the bun on my head and was a complimentary gift from my makeup artist 🙂 Man, they put so many bobby pins in the hair with so much of artificial hair in there to make that big bun,, It pains.. 😦 but the result is beautiful.. 😀



That’s my unorganized bangle box with all the bangles I own 🙂



These are glass bangles and hence these were brought from my hometown Dehradun. I didn’t wanted to carry these from here to India, so I had left that part of the shopping for my beloved hometown. The entire market there is spread across few miles where one small bazaar is linked to another bazaar. So bangles market was next to I guess saree & lehenga market. I don’t remember the name of the Bangle market but the entire market as a whole is called Paltan Bazaar starting from Clock Tower. My sister took me to a familiar shop. I gave the shop keeper my Lehenga’s dupatta (meaning a long piece of cloth to cover head, which will be matching the other pieces of my dress) to match the bangles with it and he started praising it. The lady sitting next me also started complementing the work done on it and color combination. I was so happy to hear the good words pouring for my eight months long effort of search and constant measurements and more modifications.. 😀 Work well done..

This is half of the set of bangles I wore on my reception. I could model for only this much as I am the sole photographer here .. 😉

So Indian wedding is a long affair of atleast 2-3 days with so many functions and these jewelry items were bought for each of those functions. These are all artificial ones to be worn with not so much care 😀 … I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed wearing them 🙂

Have an amazing week ahead!!



Handy Dandy tips!! Pre-wedding shoot

Marriage is beautiful. A bond of a lifetime. Wedding is a celebration of this relation and planning a wedding is a lot of work, I totally get that. So, a little help from a friend might sound good right?

Planning for pre-wedding photo shoot? Here are some take away seized from experienced brides –

  • Always finalize your outfits atleast a month before the shoot so that you have enough time to focus on other stuff.
  • Ms. Bride-to-be, remember that the dress for your shoot should not be too grand that it outshines your wedding dress and should not be too mellowed down that you do not look distinct in the gang of all beautiful girls. So decide wisely. Take your time. Its your day!
  • Where to get the outfits from? These days internet is flooded with online shopping websites with huge collection of dresses for bride-to-be that would go well for a shoot & also bridesmaids. Few examples to tag here would be sites like lulus, fashionmia, sammydress, amazon, asos. You can also rent some designer quality outfits from sites like weddingtonway, vowtobechic. But always check the reviews before ordering anything online. Always hit the nearby stores during sale season, you might end up getting some amazing deals, my friend. 
  • It is suggested to keep 3 to 4 outfits for change in the entire shoot else it looks too monotonous. If you are going out of budget, you can always dive in to your closet and trust me you will find something awesome. Decide what to wear when, well in advance. This helps a great deal as you will be prepared for a change of dress.
  • Another thing to carry will be a portable dress changer. If you don’t have places to change in the locations selected by you, this proves to be a life saver. Mostly professional photographers or photo savvy folks own this.
  • Find some amazing photographers coz this is what it is all about. Right? If you are ready to spend some money, you can hire professional photographers. But if you are going for budget shoot, you can check among your friends/colleagues. You never know you might find a gem of a photographer in your own friend circle.
  • If you are not too specific, carry unreal flower bouquet as fake flowers remain as is till the end of the shoot, whereas real flowers lose it…
  • Not to forget – Carry your makeup.
  • Carry extra pair of flat sandals if you are not used to wearing high heels throughout the day. There might be walking involved if its outdoor shoot.
  • Always take ideas. Listen to what your friends/relatives have to say. Some of them might be great and worth giving a shot.
  • Select some good spots in your city for the shoot and make a strict schedule where to spend how much time. Plan your time and stick to it!
  • Always carry some snacks & water to keep your energy on track.
  • Take a good sleep. Beauty sleep is as important as anything else in the shoot. Trust me.
  • Don’t miss that breakfast, Girls. You will need a lot of energy throughout the day.
  • Carry umbrellas if it’s a hot/warm day. You can use ’em as your props too.
  • Talking of props. You can include props like shades, bicycles, umbrellas, beer mugs, may be to lighten up little more – pom pom, what say… Cheer-leading days.. he he
  • Most important of all “always SMILE” and you will be beautiful!

Enjoy the day with your friends.. You will be awesome, Bride-to-be!

All Love!


Story of the Bride – My Prewedding Photoshoot


With my NRI Bridesmaids!

Pre-wedding shoot is a beautiful way to capture feelings/emotions/love-stories/friendship that sometimes (by mistake) gets overlooked during the big day. I personally loved it..

Sneak Peak of my Pre-wedding Photoshoot




Took a big leap in my personal life last year – Got married 😀 All the events were back home in India. Currently, my den is in Texas. None of my friends from here could make it to the wedding. (19+ hour flight is not fun 😉 ). Hence the obvious – Idea was to arrange something fun & weddingiee for my girlfriends so that they get to be the part of an event this big in my life. Parties, always in.. Trip to Vegas, wink wink.. Ehh. I wanted it to be more personal, so I thought of asking ’em to get few pictures with me that would go into my wedding album. Response was adorably positive, hence clicked the idea of Pre-wedding shoot..

Preps for the shoot – Well first thing first, searching the dress. Indian ethnic wear – Big NO. Reason – that’s my wedding dress, love. Next available option -Gown.. Twinkle. Color – classic Red. Most imp of all, low budget. So I decided to stick to Amazon (huge range, variety & easy). The decision proved to be Correct. Found so many elegant options well within my budget. Search was so simple for me ‘red gowns in Women’s clothing’. I found THE GOWN on 3rd or 4th page itself. It was so beautiful. Absolutely in love with it. Check out for yourself Joanna Women’s Mermaid Satin Long Evening Dress .  Also picked a pair of beautiful gold heels from G by Guess that too from Amazon. Bride-to-be, all set!

Next step – to decide dresses for the girls. Big task. Everyone has different taste, different style and also body types. Well, we started our search. Shortlisted few ideas from internet. Everyone loved the idea of Pastel color dresses. It would blend well with my red outfit. Spring colors, Fab. Shopping was another step, had awesome fun, but bought nothing ha ha. Next everyone opened the doors of their closets. O boy, you should have seen my apartment that day. Farmer’s market, but for dresses. Lot of ifs/buts/whatnot’s brought us to Peach colored dresses & bright colored dressed in different shades. Mission accomplished.

Step 3, hunt for photographers. Breath-taking results, that’s our target! Mmmm. Strike of thought – two colleagues of mine, who are super amazing photographers. Discussed my idea with em’ and immediately received a ‘count us in!’. They were a big help in finding locations, finalizing schedules..also did an awesome awesome job. Final results – Awestruck.

In the middle of all this mayhem not to forget , one very important part – gifts for the girls. For sure they deserved some token of love. Collected beautiful flower hair accessories, little jewelry packs and took them out for a little dinner treat later.

Final countdown. The day of the shoot! I couldn’t sleep properly due to all the excitement. Took a warm relaxing shower & plunged into my ‘Get ready’ routine. Hair took more than usual time. I was done with half of my makeup when everybody started showing up. I was helped to get into my dress 😀 Had a little something to eat. Packed some snacks and water, left for the first location i.e. Waterwall! Amazing weather, beautiful location and awesome company. Walking towards Japanese Garden  in Herman Park my feet started hurting and that’s when I realized – Ooooo, I forgot to pack flat sandals!! Last location of the shoot was Sabine Bridge at eleanor tinsley park to capture Houston downtown city lights & evening showdown. It was spectacular!

That’s the snippet of little something I tried.


All love!