Forgotten Love #Chapter 2

Some love is forgotten, some is forced to be left behind….

Sarah was back in Sacramento and she had plans.

She did stay for few more days after the whole event as she wanted to give herself time to sink in the whole episode. The turn of events had left her flustered and she wanted to bring her mind and soul to peace before returning to the mayhem.

Whatever her intentions were, she definitely seemed to have found a new zeal towards life. She had decided to focus on her career to keep her mind away from floating in different direction. Next few months were busy for her. Her plan was to move out of the city and in order to achieve that she would definitely need a new job. After a rigorous search, her prayers were answered and she got one offer in San Francisco. It was a perfect opportunity for her to look forward and find out what life has hidden for her in the mystery box.

She got busy with all the arrangements.

It was a bright spring morning. It was green all over again and everything looked new. Her bags were packed and she was ready to leave. She had no energy to drive and was in no mood as well, so she had booked a cab. Her cab was waiting for her. She was doing a final check on the apartment when the phone rang. Sarah picked up to answer. “Hello.” the voice from the other end said. She knew this voice very well. How could she forget her Edward’s voice. She immediately hung up the phone. She could not believe that he called after what happened in Tahoe. She was blank and was processing what just happened, when the phone rang again. She didn’t answer and it went to the voicemail. She could hear the tremble in Edward’s voice. “Hi Sarah, I am sorry. I am sorry for everything. I never knew how you felt for me. I want to meet you once. I need to talk to you. Please call me. Please.” Sarah was shivering with disbelief. She was trying to move forward but life was pulling her back. She felt all emotions at once and to let it out, she screamed loud until her voice cracked.

She had to decide whether to return the call or just leave without a goodbye. Sarah stopped for a moment and picked up the receiver. Looked blankly at the phone and dropped it back. She deleted the voice message and left the apartment without looking back. She got into the car, gave a last look to the building and waved goodbye to the place where no one cared about her anymore. But she doesn’t care about that now, as her mind was somewhere else.

Sitting in the backseat of the car her mind drifted towards her past, her never ending feelings for Edward, her craziness to be with him. After all, he was her first love and its not easy to forget one. But she did more than just not forgetting him and Erick found out. One day while cleaning the apartment to give her a surprise, he accidentally found a file. He was adjusting her work table to make some more room when a key dropped. He searched the entire table and found a little keyhole in the back of the table. The key slipped into it without any effort. Erick turned it to the left and to his surprise, a little hidden drawer opened in the right inner corner of the table.  And there it was, a little white file with all her dark secrets. This file was a tracker which kept all the information about Edward. She had been stalking him for all these years with outside help. She knew about Jane. She knew that Edward was married to Jane and they have a daughter together. On the page with his marriage information, she had quoted “That’s the thing about destiny, it happens whether you plan it or not. But destinies can be re-written. I will write mine and yours, my love.” After all these years gone by, she was still madly in love with him and wanted to be with him. She knew Edward would be in Tahoe City for his conference. It was not a coincidence that Edward ran into her that day in the coffee shop. She knew that he will be there. Sarah knew everything or atleast her subconscious did.

Tears streamed down her face. Her love for him was true, she knew that. She had dreamed endless times about the day he would also loves her. Life would be so beautiful. But something changed that day in Tahoe City. The day she saw Edward with his family outside the hotel. He was so happy. They were so happy together. All these years she had been waiting for this moment to express her feelings but something stopped her that day. She couldn’t do it. She could not imagine ruining his happiness, even if that meant that they will not be together ever. That was the moment she knew that she would never see him ever again in her entire life, but he will be her love forever.

Her mind was so busy in her thoughts that she didn’t realize when they reached San Francisco. She lowered the window glass and a cool breeze of spring hit her face. She felt so fresh but at the same time, she sneezed. Her cab driver, Philip, looked at her through the rear view mirror and smiled. He was a handsome gentlemen with a funny looking hairstyle. He had been concerned about her throughout the road. After experiencing the first sneeze, Sarah rolled up the glass and sat back. She finally reached her destination. Philip helped her to take the bags to the apartment which was on third floor. “Thank you so much for all the help”, Sarah said. He replied, “Pleasure is all mine. Here’s my number. Please let me know if you need any help around the city.” Taking the card from his hand, she said, “Sure” and smiled.

San Francisco turned out to be her best decision. The place was beautiful. Her job was super exciting. Hospital staff was very friendly and everyone loved her. She made some new friends at work and settled faster than she had thought. She had called Philip for help and turns out that he is a school teacher in the city and drives car for fun. They became good friends. She was in love again, only this time she fell for her new home. Her walks in the city’s street became more frequent and she was finally at peace…with life, with herself, atleast for now.

Was she really at peace? Did she really got over Edward? What turn her friendship with Philip take?

What was Edward trying to tell her?

To be continued in next chapter…

Author : S

Forgotten Love #Chapter 1

Some stories are well written, some are  just well read….

She could sense that the chaos of this ever breathing concrete jungle is driving her crazy. If she continues to scurry alongside this mess, she will lose it this time. Sarah stormed out of the hospital building, got into her car and started driving without knowing where to go. She just wanted away from everything, all the pain, tears, harassment, sadness. She took the highway which would take her out of the city.

Lot of thoughts flooded into her head as she took the road to Lake Tahoe. She didn’t even realize why and how she took that decision to go to the Tahoe City. It was 9:30 in the night when she reached there. She knew the hotel she wanted to stay in. She had always stayed there during her past visits. This was her favorite getaway but her busy life didn’t allow her to come here in past several years. Drive from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe and the painful day had exhausted her completely, she threw herself on the bed and slept.

Next morning, Sarah woke from her sleep by the knock on the door. It was room service with the tea. Sipping her tea she decided to go out to buy some clothes and other essentials. She got ready and left for the nearby shopping area. Breathing the fresh air and silence of the surroundings made her feel better. After shopping, she went to a nearby cafe to start with the book she had just purchased and a cup of coffee. She took a table outside and waited for her order while enjoying the beauty of the place. As she took the first sip, she saw a familiar face across the street. He smiled at her, waved and started crossing the street walking towards her. As he approached her, memories from her past flashed in front of her eyes. Edward, her childhood friend who was also her first love was standing in front of her. He hugged her and sat across her. “How have you been, Sarah? Haven’t seen you for so long? Did you forget your old friends?” She was speechless for a moment, but realized it soon and replied with a smile, “I am doing fine. I know, It’s been long. How are you?”

Edward had never known about Sarah’s feelings and was really happy to see his old friend. During the conversation, he told her that he is there for a conference and would love to meet her before leaving for Los Angeles. They decided to meet for dinner the same day. “I will pick you up at 7.” he said and left.

Sarah opened the door after listening to the knock and found Edward standing there. He still looked the same. Eyes full of passion, smile that brightens the room, face so calm and peaceful that would melt anyone’s heart. He had grown more handsome with years. They went to a small restaurant by the lake and spoke about their childhood days. They decided to go for a walk near the lake under the moonlit sky.

He held her hand and finally asked, “What’s wrong, Sarah? Is it okay if I ask? We know each other since childhood and I know there is something bothering you. I have never seen you this quiet.”

She shrugged, “It’s nothing, Edward.’  He said, “You know you can share anything with me. You might feel better.” and patted her hand. She had never been able to share her feelings with anyone, but Edward. She looked at him and smiled. “I am going through a rough patch in life. I know I will recover but right now I am not in the place I really love being.” She took a little pause and continued to pour her heart out. Her voice was trembling with pain, “I was in a relation with someone. Erick, he works with me in the same hospital. We were really happy together. Everything was going great until one day. I returned home after my shift and all his things were gone. He had left me a note accusing me of things I had not done. I tried to talk to him about it but he didn’t respond. We work together and so it becomes more difficult. It is heart breaking to see him there all the time. And now…” Her big blue eyes were filled with tears. She controlled them and continued, “he has started humiliating me in front of others. His taunts, meaningless words crushes me. I feel like a fool of being with that man for two years.” Edward wrapped his arms around her. She couldn’t control and big drops for tears rolled down her cheeks. She did not even realize when these words came out of her mouth, “It was very difficult for me to put an end to my feelings towards you. It took me years to get over you. I had never thought that I will have go through that ever again in my life. But my fete..” She suddenly stopped, realizing what she has done. He was still holding her, but there was an expression of disbelief on his face. Sarah freed herself from him and ran without looking back. Edward stood there looking at her as she vanished in the dark of the night.

It was late evening when she came out of her room next day. Still in shock and angry at herself for what she has done. She had lost her friend once in past, but now she was not ready to lose him again. She decided to tell him everything, that how she felt about him, since when she started seeing something more than just a friend in him, every single thing. Having all these thoughts, Sarah walked down the street towards Edward’s hotel.

Reaching the hotel, she saw Edward walking out towards his car which was waiting for him and she started walking fast to reach him. But her feet froze when she heard that voice. Yes, she was right, that was Jane coming out of the hotel calling his name. He looked back and smiled at her, taking her in his arms, he kissed her. A little girl around three years, came running and hugged them. Edward picked her up, gave a little kiss on her cheek and put her in the car seat. Doors were closed and without looking back Edward drove away.

Sarah looked at the car till it disappeared in the distance….

Who is Jane? Why didn’t Edward tell Sarah about her? Does he also have feelings for her?

Why did Erick broke up with Sarah?  How did her lost brain decide to come to Lake Tahoe?

To be continued in next chapter…

Author : S