When I was a child!

Bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds,

Little yellow daisies in the vast meadow,

I spent some time plucking daisies and then I lie down on the meadow with my hands folded under my head and I see the woolly round balls just moving around. I lie there looking at the sky, doing nothing, just spellbound by nature.

Surrounded by lush green mountains, that changes color from light green to dark green with shadows of wandering clouds,

Gushing sound of sparkling stream, so clean that you can see shiny pebbles in the bottom,

Butterflies dancing in the sweet breeze…

And I tip-toed across the stream  jumping very carefully from rock to rock collecting my favorite greens, daisies, pebbles and chasing the butterflies.

That was my childhood and I miss it… I wish this to be my future too.. 🙂

– S







Curious – What it is? or Who it is?

“Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.” — ARNOLD EDINBOROUGH

While editing a post earlier today, I stumbled upon a webpage listing different types of knowledge lovers. My attention was caught. Game well played Sir knowledgelover. Read the entire article and analyzed which knowledge lover is my favorite. Curious, it is!

CURIOUS, one of a kind. A knowledge lover who truly understand the meaning of love. Bet me, if knowledge was a girl, she would definitely chose Curious over anyone. Inquisitive, he is. Wants to know everything. Will ask you dozen of questions. Suck in single drop of  information from you.

I have met quite a few o ’em & trust me, if they are your friends you will have an awesome time hanging out with them. They are interesting and are interested..

 My observation says that a Curious is actually not prying, but is trying to see life/event/person/… from another person’s eye… Trying to see your perspective, your take on life. Who knows in the process he/she is learning something beautiful every day!! Wink..