Short Story #1 – Mysterious Car!

….color my life with chaos of it!!!

What’s with the Car!!

So here I was sitting in my balcony enjoying a chilled drink in a hot summer night and then, I see this car in the parking lot. Okay Yeah, reviving back to give the feel of the exact surroundings of my living. I stay in the third floor of a building. Facing my balcony is the parking lot of the nearby church. Lot of people you can see coming here on Sundays. My bedroom window blinds are usually off and on Sunday morning I see all these people coming to reach their inner self and load God with the happiness, joy or grief or boredom or whatsoever…

Okay so coming back to the day1 of my story. I was enjoying my drink and it was getting dark, these days it’s hot and sky with no stars. Weather is not so cool. I was hopping between the balcony and my living room. It was hot outside so to cool myself from the heat I would go inside for some relief. My favorite songs were playing and I was in a pretty good mood, when I suddenly noticed this Car standing still in the parking lot. It was right in front of my apartment, at least that’s what I thought. It was around 1 o clock and I could sense no activity from there. Can you imagine a car standing there in the middle of darkness and nothing happening? I didn’t see it coming there, no headlights. Nothing. At first I was little suspicious and I kept looking at it for some sign of life. But no go. And then I got busy with the songs and some stuff & when I looked out while going to bed, it was gone. This was it.

Next day I got up and had completely forgotten about last night’s incident. Well it was not an incident, just a car…

Day 2 I told about this car to a friend who joked stating that may be a stalker. And you know what, we were pretty seriously joking about this stalker. Believe me, it felt real fun. So next day as usual I was cooking dinner, watching this movie ‘Oh My God!’, enjoying the night. This movie made me thinking about how I also don’t believe in the concept of idol worship. Yeah I do believe in positive energy that balances the universe. And then suddenly I looked outside my balcony’s mirrored door and there it was, The Car, parked exactly in the same spot looking towards my apartment. I almost jumped from my place and was pretty scared. I started wondering what it could be, or who it could be. Some people who hang out there to have some fun but I could sense no activities in there. A funny thought crossed my head ‘it is not moving at all’ so can’t be it. It was a mystery for me which made me pretty interested…

This car would just appear and then disappear. And that’s what happened on day 2 as well. After some time it was just woof….gone… I went to bed and dozed off.

I was puzzled by this car. I was just trying to put all the clues in place to get to some conclusion. I also thought of going to the parking lot some day and check for myself. Haah, that’s not going to happen. Wink!

I kept seeing this car for the next entire week. It would suddenly appear, always facing towards my apartment and would be there till I put off my light. When I check early in the morning, it would not be there. Just a night friend, I thought.

I clearly remember it was a hot Sunday night and I have completed my household chores. Spoke to my mother on phone. And started reading a book – Sycamore Row. Yes, as always the Car was there. I was pretty used to it by then and had somehow made up mind that he is the stalker. I was always alert in its presence. I was in the interesting point in the book, when I saw lights in the parking lot, some torch light.  I ran outside to my balcony and saw the light approaching the car. I saw a man like figure with a dog looking around the parking lot like a night watch. Ha Ha. So this stalker of mine was a night guard on duty of the church’s parking lot and the mystery was solved. After he finished his round around the area, he got inside his car with the dog and was gone.

I was laughing at myself and my stories about all the stalker stuff. It was fun but I hoped it would have continued for a bit long. It kept me involved and think and make up stories like kids. It was such a beautiful innocent feeling, childlike curiosity and happiness to be a part of a cool mystery. It was over and my mysterious car was no more a mystery.

However, it’s not yet over. You think, it is. Nope. I never saw that car again after that day. The man with the dog was gone. Can you believe it? As if God had sent this one Car to spark the long forgotten child inside me. Like wise men have said that ‘You search for it and you dive in. Once you find it, it’s all yours. You don’t need any more proofs’.  So have I found the positive energy I always talk about…? Has it ignited the lost passion in me? Yes, for sure. Can you imagine I am writing again? I am thinking like a child again as if there is nothing to worry about. Live in the moment as it is to never pass.

Like I always say or rather thought, that every incident in your life is an experience which teaches you something or ignites something in you. So here with the mysterious Car experience I learnt to always think like a child and try to grab on to that innocence as long as possible..

Au revior! Will see you soon with another mystery…

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