Mori Girl?

A fashion trend which struck the street fashion world and left us wanting to look more woodsy and natural. Mori Girl looks like as if she is walking out of forest.. That calmness on her face.. Those beautiful locks of her hair.. Loose clothes that looks like feathers… But this Japanese street fashion was more than just clothing style..

Mori Girl Style #3
This is a Mori Girl Style inspired set by me on Polyvore.

WHAT. Mori in Japanese means Forest.  It is subculture which originated in Japan. This is more of lifestyle than clothing style. For more detailed information, read this morigirl blog post.

WHEN/WHO/WHERE. In 2006 August, a girl who is known as Choco started Mori Girl community in Japan’s biggest social network website Mixi. To be entitled as a Mori Girl, one needed to fulfill certain standards which were created by the founder of the community. These are called official Mori-Girl rules. This is a pretty exhaustive list of more than 60 measures 😉  I fulfill more than half of these, but not all.. Long way to go for me 😀

Essence of all these rules is that a Mori Girl is simple, natural, nature lover and free-spirited. She looks for meaning in the things that are usually overlooked in the busy run of life. She loves to read and can be seen sitting in the corner of a cafe indulged in a book, sipping tea. She is trying to find peace in the most practical present day surrounding, enjoying the old & antique.

She looks like fairy-tale forest wanderer with quiet-serene face, long loose hair, beautiful accessories and loose clothes with vintage prints. Her look is the most captive part. She looks like as if she is living in the forest or walking out of the forest.
Mori Girl Style #1
Mori Girl Style #1 by s-blingtreeg featuring a midi dress from

Most of the Mori Girl Style inspired clothing lines are in Japan but it is not impossible to pull out this style. There are various blogs providing tips to get this look (links below), but two most important things to keep in mind is layering, lots of layering and to keep the look innocent.



You can also find pieces that fit into this style in stores like Forever 21, YesStyle and Etsy. Checkout my Mori Girl Pin board on Pinterest for more Mori Girl looks.


featuring Goroke navy blue dress from , Fairyland blue jacket from, Flat boots from and Handbags tote from
What I love the most about this style? –   Uncomplicated and laid-back self.  Reading. Clothes. Hair. Shoes. Makeup. I would love to be my comfortable self wearing all loose dresses, laces and layers in my non working hours but to be practical I would like to infuse this layered look with the every day style and make it more of a work/college wearable vogue. I am a fan of flat shoes and natural makeup so this look is my daily saga. I used to have long hair kept just in Mori Girl way but they are cut short to a bob and I like to keep them bed head style.


So are you a Mori Girl or wanna be one?


Hope you liked this post.. Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Mori Girl?

  1. G says:

    Great write up S! Had not heard of this style before – a very interesting read. And guess what – your writing reflects this style – laid back, uncomplicated and fresh! ❤

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